Hell is Always for Someone Else, “not me”
People think that because they go to Church on Sunday (and maybe a few other good deeds), they will avoid Hell (There are probably levels of Hell? I don't know but anyway...)

Ok, they do realize that they won't make it if they are also, say, violent with their neighbors, or rob banks or sleep with the neighbor's spouse, etc.. so they also avoid those things. But they can, and probably will end up in Hell just the same.

Because they are “Christian” on Sunday (and maybe Tuesday &/or maybe Thursday), but not the rest of the time.

They only “love Jesus” (which means to OBEY him, and he made this clear) about 20% of the time, some not even that.
If you love/respect someone, you love and respect him/her all the time, not just on certain days of the week or when you are in a certain mood or environment (like in that person's presence)

“We ate and drank in Your Presence,” the fake Christians will say to Jesus when, at the end of their lives, they want him to let them into Heaven. A lot of Churches (and 'churches') have a dinner for this occasion and a dinner for that occasion, some of which events are held in Christ's Presence because they are in the Church (not the sanctuary but the other part connected to the sanctuary).

But--as per the following cited scripture passages--He will say to them:

“Depart from me, you evildoers”   -Mt 7:13 & 21, Luke 13:24


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