Cutting People off who are an occasion of sin and sustaining it.
If you don’t think a platonic friendship with someone would be healthy for you, and you easily end it, shouldn’t you be at least as decisive with romantic interests as well?  The more deeply you give your heart to another, the more dangerous it is if the person isn’t striving for virtue.
(03-21-2018, 11:45 PM)MacPasquale Wrote: Does anyone else have trouble with this(not the idea, but actually doing it in practice).  I've done it in the past and was able to sustain it for a while, but I always buckle in to emotions(which I've been getting worse at fighting against).  
I have had friends who live and promote unsavory lifestyles, they tend to be a bit easier to cut off.  But when it comes to the ladies it's a different story.  Living in a world where it is impossible to find faithful traditional catholic women it leaves you with a pretty dangerous pool to pick from.  The worst of it is that when you do find someone who is somewhat sympathetic to Catholic ideas(which may just be for aesthetic purposes or said to not hurt feelings) they give you this sense of false hope and are still an occasion of sin.

Does anyone have any stories of the difficulties they had to go through in order cut people off from their lives to advance in the spiritual life and sustain it?  Everything I've read on it seems cut and dry(which I don't see as a bad thing), but it often leads me to question whether I have true resolve(which has stopped me from approaching the sacraments from time to time) and leads me to despair.

i have struggled with this, more w/ family members than anyone else. 1 Cor 6:14 says not to be unequally yoked w/ unbelivers and i have learned the absolute HARD way how true that is. I have stayed away from family members who were/are not Christian for long stretches and then i will get a wild thought in my head that maybe i should contact the person for this or that reason but usually nowadays, the Holy Spirit reminds me of something and i don't follow through w/ the contact after all. I am always grateful for that, but it scares me how i almost caved to the  temptation.. and i  realize all over again how human i am..
(03-22-2018, 01:28 AM)Credidi Propter Wrote: The more deeply you give your heart to another, the more dangerous it is if the person isn’t striving for virtue.

dangerous and impossible

meaning u can't have a relationship with someone who does not believe the same as you do, which explains why i have no friends to speak of, no one i trust in any case..

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