Reverse Prayer Requests

We will be having Adoration tonight from 7:30pm till about 11:30pm. I plan on staying the whole time so I will take any and all intentions with me tonight, and I will happily pray for anyone by name as I sit with our Lord tonight (your username that is...please don't share real names and personal information on here. You can direct message me if you'd prefer your real name). If you have any requests please try to post them here prior to 7:00 pm eastern standard time as that is probably the last time I will get to check before heading to Mass and then Adoration. I have some intentions for those folks who have already posted on this forums, but in case you have any last minute requests etc please don't hesitate to let me know <3
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Well, since my real name is prominently displayed in my sigline, you can place my intentions before the Lord using it.  :)

Please pray for the return or conversion to the Faith of my wife, children, grandchildren, Jaeda (a friend's daughter who has gotten into Wicca), and Victor (a friend's unbaptised husband who seems to be interested in the Faith), and for my health.

I will remember you at the Mass of Holy Thursday this PM.
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Thank you!

For all my family members that we may be united in Heaven.
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