Need a Traditional Catholic Spiritual Director...


Firstly, I would like the audience at FishEaters' a very Happy Easter...!  May the Glory and Triumph of Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you...! 

I just wanted to know if anyone on this forum knows of any Traditional-minded Catholic priests or could help me find one - be it from the any TLM groups in the US and Canada or independent ones (not sedevacante as I don't subscribe to that) who could be a spiritual director... I feel I have reached a point where I need one... 

Not that we lack priests in the parish which is close to me... But Novus Ordo-ism and radical left-liberalism is too rampant in the Catholic Church in India (I had mentioned it in a previous, not-so-old thread of mine)... I am trying to "befriend" (I don't know if it's the correct word) or "be on good terms" with an Assistant Parish Priest who is the current youth director as he's (after all) the priest who listens to my confessions and from whom I receive Holy Communion... But, I cannot expect much spiritual direction from him as I find he's tooooo sweet and too nice to all...  I don't know if I can describe it as a good quality or not but he's definitely not the type who would reprimand me in case I commit a mistake... The Parish Priest is definitely not a priest I would adopt as my spiritual director as he's doing what Pope Francis is doing, albeit at a micro-level - challenging norms and going ad hominem on conservatives...

So in case anyone on this forum has any Traditional-minded priest in mind (who celebrates the Tridentine Mass and customs and of Traditional Catholic ideology), I request you to kindly provide me the names and details... Email communication (English only) would be highly preferable as I would get inflated telephone bills in case I make international calls... As well as confidentiality is a highly respected requirement...

Also, suggestions or tips from your end as to how to approach the Spiritual Director would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance... Smile
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Well, unfortunately, Our Lady of Good Success predicted that during this crises in the Church, it will be very hard to find good spiritual direction. She suggests going straight to Our Lady in prayer. However, there is hope. What part of India are you from? Surely there is a Latin Mass someplace where you could have Confession with a well-trained priest. Perhaps this link will help you
There is a Traditional Catholic seminary in Tamil Nadu--Priory of the Most Holy Trinity located at Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu

I will pray for you.
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It's been a few years since I travelled to India, while not traditional there were some good priests at St Mary's Basilca and St Patrick's in Bangalore, are you near Bangalore?
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