I'm late to the party as I just joined Fisheaters today. I hope it's all right to post.

I use Linux Mint, currently v17.3 with MATE. For pros I would say ease of use and installation. Cons: can't think of any; my main tech issues involve my PC (a Dell Dodgy  ) and not the OS.

I have used Ubuntu briefly. This Dell shipped with it but I cared not for Unity. I also experienced my first kernel panic with it. I switched to Mint, no OS issues since. I had used Kubuntu on and old iMac maybe 7 years ago, I did like that but I typically have insufficient RAM to comfortably run it. 

(I'm just happy there's a Linux board here. Catholicism and Tux!)
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If you want to use another OS without too much hassle, you can try VMWare, or VMBox which allow you to run a OS on a simulated processor (x86, x64) with custom simulated hardware. You can find boot disk images for every OS (Mac, Windows, Unix, Arch, Mint, FreeBSD, etc.) and save where you left off.
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Felt like posting this today Smile

I have been using ElementaryOS for a little bit now, but I wanted to challenge myself today so I installed Arch with KDE Plasma 5. After the install, I was a bit nervous as I'd never really configured a desktop environment before (and I promised myself I'd not use tutorials only the Arch Wiki...which is...admittedly...full of tutorials); however, with a bit of tweaking and dependency torture I managed to get a system up and running that suits me quite nicely. I have my prayer timer/rule schedule up (I'll have 0.5.0 ready soon up on GitHub (using my BitBucket currently until I have something ready to distribute to others publicly)) and running and feeding audio through my external speakers, my desktop/'active activity' sound coming through my laptop speakers, and my videos/google/online through the large wall mounted monitor (I don't watch TV so it's usually a YUGE htop screen now + Spotify LOL). After installing Plank (the dock I'm used to using) I'd say this install is one I'll be sticking with for awhile.

I enjoyed the process of learning more about Linux (maybe LFS in a few months....?....). I am in the process of discerning a vocation to the eremitical life with my spiritual director, and I'm feeling quite blessed that truly using my skills with maintaining both Linux servers and desktops, my software development, a gardening/canning "business" on the side should be enough to support me while maintaining that 'set aside from society' requirement. Arch so far is incredibly liberating. While there is a bit of a learning curve I would say if you have used Linux exclusively in any capacity other than installing a distro and using the included programs for a few years you should be more than good to go (but expect some learning moments).

Anyway, that's all. Just wanted to say I'm up and running with Arch. Felt like something worth sharing. It was a true test for someone using ElementaryOS which tends to hold ones hand through a lot of stuff.

It struck me once I had finished all of this how weird my house is....my dad says I'm an 80-year-old Amish woman (he jokes about my now living alone and in a very primitive house (other than my server room and servers)). It is really great to be able to step away from technology for weeks at a time - instead of managing commercial servers daily almost constantly (which is what salary + on call truly means). It feels like it did back in high school. It's a hobby again, and I'm working on projects I love. It's refreshing to step away from computers because I need wood for the stove or water for a bath...totally forgetting about them for days at a time. If I would have stayed in my last position much longer I would have become very depressed and disinterested in computers. I feel like a kid again after today Smile
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I like to keep my 'puter (one of them) Minty fresh.
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Currently running Mint on two machines but I really enjoy Debian.

Fedora is great too since it's red hats test bed if you like speed living on the edge.

I might try throwing Debian on for some fun before to long. I've always loved the Linux command line.

Tails is awesome too if you are the tinfoil hat type.
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I just remembered: Once I used WattOS to give added life to some rather small laptop computers. Never had any problem with it.

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