Latin Mass question for parents
Peace.....there are a few ladies attending the NO parish near here and they all wear veils, do not make the sign of the peace, but instead kneel and when they can, attend the Latin Mass Parish.  
As I said, my children are grown - but on Sunday the bus starts running too late for me to use it to get to Latin Mass, so I have to take a taxi (unless family will drive me) to the train station - 1 hr on the train - long walk thru station to subway - up 1 stop - then streetcar for 20 mins and stops at the door.  This trip if I have to use taxi both ways to and from train - is $50.00 incl subway and streetcar - so I have to give less to collection in lieu of this and have drawn it to priest's attention - that the money going into gas and ttc could be in the collection.....we need more Latin Masses. The Latin Masses closer to my home are on weekdays/evenings and not on Sunday. Your situation sounds more solid and secure where you are living now - and perhaps just attend Latin Mass on occasion until something changes the direction.....God bless, angeltime :heart: :pray2:
I am a parent (two year old with one on the way) and a FSSP Latin mass parishioner. We drive 45 minutes (one way) just to get to mass. I understand your worry about the kids being a part of the community, but it honestly hasn't seemed to be a problem at our parish. Everyone sticks around an hour after mass to socialize and let the kids play on the playground equipment (maybe with the exception of the families with 10+ kids.) We have events between the masses for the children (like the egg hunt we had last Sunday) and the flocks of children just play together in general. For holiday events, the largest families sometimes host parish parties at their homes in the evening. On average people drive at least 30 minutes to get to mass there, and no one has suffered for it. If the kids need naps, at that distance, they usually just sleep in the car. The women in the parish have informally formed groups corresponding to the are of the metro/state they live in, and we get together for play dates, feast days, or just fun. Then again, my experience is only with 1 child. Also, in my area of the United States everything is rather spread out- it's unusual to drive less than 15-20 minutes to do anything you want to do, so it's a way of life for us, :LOL:   

It's still not quite as active as the Novus Ordo parish that we left, but honestly the friendship of like-minded young families has made it worth it. I wouldn't have been this active in my former parish anyway because I would have been dodging people trying to recruit me to attend Alpha and other such things. Daily mass is difficult for us to attend even if a parish was very close due to my evening/overnight work schedule and son who is a fit-throwing mess getting up before 8:30am (even at two, it begins already!! Hahaha!) Not that I complain right now when the ER called me to work at 3am. We will see what happens with #2.

We will probably never be able to afford Catholic private school for our kids either, but our parish actually has a homeschool coop that seems like an attractive option.
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(04-08-2018, 10:41 AM)havok579257 Wrote: I wanted some input for other Catholic parents on what they do when it comes to the Latin Mass and a church community for their children when the mass is a considerable drive.  What I mean is what do you do in this situation:

So our family lives about 30 minutes from the nearest Latin mass.  We have 4 young children with 1 due soon.  I would love to attend the Latin mass more but my issue becomes I want my kids to be involved in the church and the church community and be around other Catholic kids.  So they can have Catholic influences around them.  My issue with leaving our current parish is if we joined the church with Latin mass my kids won’t get that community of other Catholics.  I mean we would go to mass there.  Although it’s not feasible to be involved in that parish if we are driving hour there and back everyday. I mean we then are having to split the family while the extremely younger ones stay home with the wife  Obviously I don’t want this since we already have so little family time with work and school and other things.  Not to mention not being part of a nearby parish means all the kids who are Catholic who you want your kids hanging out with are far away.

So I wanted to see what other families do in these situations.  Do you join the Latin parish and just don’t do anything with the parish on a daily or weekly basis?  Do you join the nearby parish that’s a good NO parish?  Do you try to make your kids suck it up and be in the car an hour when they are extremely young and/or split the family up daily so the other spouse is left at home?  


I just want to say I am so glad some Catholics are still having big families.

Pilgrim and I tried to drive to the FSSP parish in our diocese - about 1.5 hrs each way.  We found that completely impractical with small children.  By the time we got to mass, they were stir crazy and could not discipline themselves to sit through mass.  But those are our kids, not yours.

We were lucky.  There is a small, but growing, Latin mass community in our area that has received support from one of the local parishes.  This is still about 30 minutes away but that's nowhere near the time commitment driving to the FSSP parish was.  At the same time, this small community lacks the cohesion we would hope for.  There are no gatherings for traditionally minded ladies or children.  I will not enroll the children in religious ed through the NO parishes in our area and I don't particularly want them mixing with NO kids who have no real foundation in the faith and no sense of how to live it.  - At least not as a general group.  I know this is a broad generalization, but I have found it rather accurate.  Instead, we have chosen to get involved with the Federation of North American Explorers - which has a vibrant and very conservative Catholic scouting community.  This gives the kids friends who come from like minded families supporting them as they grow up.  

You might consider:
- attending the NO 3 weeks a month and the TLM once a month,
- finding or founding a group like the FNE in your area as your children grow so that they are surrounded by kids who take their faith seriously,
- increasing attendance at the TLM as you can - based on finances and ages of children.

If you get really lucky, you might be able to help found a TLM community in your area.
Adoption, Home School, and Catholic Family Life:
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Just want to say that I always found car time a great way to supplement Homeschooling.

We listened to foreign language tapes, catechism tapes, classic novels (when their listening skills are enhanced they can handle advanced lit much earlier)...etc.

Sometimes it was nice to have everyone strapped down and attentive!  LOL ;)
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