Catholic wedding not in church, what to do?
I am looking for some advice.  Last night the wife and I were talking about family and eventual weddings and what to do.  My family is Catholic but I am the only practicing one.  Eventually my brothers will get married probably and they will not get married in the church.  What should we do?  If we don't go we will effectively be ending our and our kids relationship with my brothers, their kids, their future spouses, my sister and her kids and her husband and my parents .  I mean our faith has already caused strain with our family and us.  So not going will cause our relationship to more than likely end.  So what should we do.  Can we attend or not?  I know not being I the wedding.  Not being in the wedding would cause strain but not break off the relationship like not going would.  So we would never be part of it but what about attending?

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