Catholic wedding not in church, what to do?
(04-08-2018, 05:52 PM)FultonFan Wrote:
(04-08-2018, 05:20 PM)havok579257 Wrote: my extended family has not been to mass in I don't know how long.  They don't go or practice the faith.  Just talking about getting one of my brothers baptized caused issues between us.  I don't even bring it up anymore.    I figured your answer was right I was just hoping it wasn't the only option since it means my children will lose contact with my extended family, their grandparents, uncles, aunts and so on and my family will no longer speak to me.

How about you write them a nice email or text with a link to this thread?  Tell your brother that you love him, and that you want his life to be filled with happiness.  Also tell him that you have a sense of duty to him, and that it's the best thing for him to marry in the Church, or AT LEAST get dispensed.

but they won't marry him when he doesn't go to mass, doesn't get his kids baptized, won't even attend mass with me and doesn't practice the faith.  One of my brothers went to church when he was a kid because my parents brought him.  Although he hasn't been since then.  My parents don't practice.  My sister and other brother don't practice.  They aren't hostile toward use because of our faith or they are ok with us telling my parents about things our kids do related to church but that have no interest in church.  If I send him this page it will cause issues.  I have brought up getting his kids baptized and that caused issues.  I brought up going to mass with us but that's a no go.  

It just stinks because if they ever get married, when we can't go my wife, kids and I will lose our relationship with my parents, brothers and sister and their family.  My family is the family who thinks family comes above all else.  You do whatever for family.  For them, they would think I am being unreasonable for not doing this one thing for the family.  That I can't make this one concession.  They don't understand how important faith is to me and my family.  I just hate knowing some time down the line my kids will lose access to their grandparents and aunts and uncles and me to my parents and siblings.

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