From Carmel Teresian....
Your Excellency,
We maintain that Benedict XVI is still our Pope and the present occupant an Antipope. Upon examination of the “Declaratio”:
It was ANOMALOUSLY declared: “…. libertate declaro me MINISTERIO EPISCOPI ROMAE…. renuntiare…” That is, what was only renounced was a MINISTRY and not the OFFICE – even this, that of the Bishop of Rome which is limited, does not necessarily mean the OFFICE OF THE POPE which in turn is universal and supreme in jurisdiction.
1) If the Bishopric of Rome was renounced, there would have been no need to state the renunciation of its ministry – common sense apprehends this.
3) Now, if it were the Office of the Pope (the “munus Petrinus”) that was truly renounced, everything else attached to it (as also being the Bishop of Rome and everything else attached to this…) follows.
As to the purported reason for the ‘resignation’: “…. VIGOR… in me modo tali MINUITUR….” – his appearance, concelebrating, at the post-Conciliar ceremony of ‘exemplifying’ Popes John XXIII and John Paul II to the ‘liberalist’ Neo-Catholic ‘world’ belies an ‘incapacitatingly’ (“incapacitatem meam”) ‘deterioration of strength’. His last public address in his retirement place did not prove to be “the last time that he would be seen in public.”
Pope Benedict XVI, in not willingly and freely renouncing formally the Office, remains, before the eyes of God, the visible head of Catholic Church. And ‘Pontifex’ Bergoglio after all this – Ecce! A charlatan indeed – an antipope – installed by the gang of ‘Ecclesiastical Revolutionaries’* to take away the remaining traditional vestiges of the Catholic Papal Monarch. * The Apocalyptic Woman at Fatima returned in 1929 asking for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart to forestall the infiltration of Seminaries and Monasteries in 1930 by bright revolutionary agents who would rise up to the high positions in the Church – revelation before the “Un-American Activities” Committee of the US Congress in the late 50’s by Dr. Bella Dodd, ex-Secretary-General of the Communist Party of America who embraced the Catholic Faith:
In Christ Crucified,
and the rest of the Teresian Carmel of Catholic Resistance
Interesting, I've never heard this argument and have no idea regarding it's validity. Nevertheless I will still consider Francis to be the Pope until proven otherwise.
Surréxit Dóminus vere, Alleluia!
I wish people would just stop trying to solve this problem by staring at pieces of paper ...

Who is Pope doesn't matter to your eternal soul. Saints got it wrong.

The restoration of Catholicism isn't going to come by substituting one Neo-Modernist with a liturgically conservative bent for a Neo-Modernist Jesuit. 

Deciding that Benedict XVI didn't properly resign and thus is still Pope is not only contrary to Roman legal custom (on which Canon Law is built), but also common sense, traditional Ecclesiology and Church History, especially the case of Antipopes Benedict XIII and XIV.

These Carmelites should do what Carmelites are supposed to do. Pray in silence for the Church.
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Well said, MM!
Jovan-Marya of the Immaculate Conception Weismiller, T.O.Carm.

Vive le Christ-roi! Vive le roi, Louis XX!
Deum timete, regem honorificate.
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