Question about Trade School and Vocational Schools?
Has anyone on the forum been in trade school or vocational school? 

Just a couple questions I had about it:

If you did, what was your field (mechanics, electronics, plumbing, construction, etc.)?
How long did it take you to complete courses?
How much was the cost?
When you were finished, how soon did you get employed?
How much room from growth is there in the field you work in? 
Is it possible to double up, e.g. taking courses in plumbing while also doing the same for auto mechanics?
It took a one year program called trades fundamentals. It there was welding, plumbing, carpentry and electrical. It cost about 2k Canadian each semester. Personally I hated it and was probably the worst in the program at everything.
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This is secondhand, but my eldest daughter (number two child) attended a local vocational school for the last two years of high school, as did most of her friends. While there were aspects I did not care for, overall, I would say that they largely benefitted from the time spent. Each had to declare an area of general study, and if possible, a particular specialty. My daughter was in the biomedical program, for instance. So far as I know, it wasn't, in their program, possible to double up.
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When I was in high school in my junior and senior years, years ago. I went to a vocational school. In the morning I attended high school and in the afternoon I got on a bus and went to vocational school. It didn't cost anylthing.

I took automotive diagnostics. It was a 2 year school. They helped with job placement. I enlisted in the army right after high school as a tank mechanic, but if remember correctly they had a 70% placement rate of their students. Auto mechanics has pretty good growth, and the pay is good but there is always something new so continuing education is always needed. After the army I was a manager of an auto parts store so I did use my education. I have since retired.

I believe we emphize college too much, vocational and trade schools are very important. They are becoming forgotten.

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I went to trade school to learn machining. It was an 18 month program which I finished in a year due to some previous experience. Cost was cheap, and it was completely covered by pell grants. The prospects are good in the field depending where you are... i.e. not around here. Still, I did OK at it.

Also something to look out for. Industry leaders claiming they can't find qualified workers. That is code for, they can't find superhuman workers willing to work for $8.50 per hour.
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