Delicate question about sexuality (warning: graphic language)
We know since a few years that oral stimulations between sexual partners are at high risks of contamination by papillomaviruses that ultimately can trigger serious mouth and throat cancers.
The highest risk is for the man orally stimulating his wife, though the opposite is also quite possible.
The famous actor Michael Douglas underwent a throat cancer some  years ago and didn't made a mystery that this was due to this bad sexual habit.
Papillomaviruses are inocuous in the woman's vagina but not in the man's or his wife's mouth.
Certainly God placed these viruses here purposely in order to prevent sexual partners stimulating through this unnatural way.
Soooo, ladies and gentlemen, in my opinion using your hands to enjoy sex is OK, but not your mouths. God made them for eating or speaking and nothing else.

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