Delicate question about sexuality (warning: graphic language)
(04-18-2018, 12:22 AM)maso Wrote:
(04-17-2018, 05:43 PM)havok579257 Wrote:
(04-17-2018, 05:26 PM)maso Wrote: We know since a few years that oral stimulations between sexual partners are at high risks of contamination by papillomaviruses that ultimately can trigger serious mouth and throat cancers.
The highest risk is for the man orally stimulating his wife, though the opposite is also quite possible.
The framous actor Michael Douglas underwent a throat cancer some  years ago and didn't made a mystery that this was due to this bad sexual habit.
Papillomaviruses are inocuous in the woman's vagina but not in the man's or his wife's mouth.
Certainly God placed these viruses here purposely in order to prevent sexual partners stimulating through this unnatural way.
Soooo, ladies and gentlemen, in my opinion using your hands to enjoy sex is OK, but not your mouths. God made them for eating or speaking and nothing else.

1. Hover is spread through oral stimulation’s when people have had lots of sexual partners.  A women who has not had sex before marriage will not have the hog virus.  Also the risk of men getting hog from oral sex on women is very small.  Although again, your arguing from a secular point of view where we have lots of sexual partners, not just the one your married to.  

2. Michael Douglas could have got HPV from oral sex or from other things.  We don’t know, we just know what he thinks about how he got it.  Also HPV just doesn’t pop up on people who are not sexually active with only one person.  To get HPV you need to be in sexual contact with someone who has it.  Easily avoidable if you only have sex when your married.  Also you logic is God gave us this disease to avoid oral stimulation doesn’t make sense.  Then why do we have all those other sexual disease?  Do diswade is from having sex at all?  Your logic doesn’t make sense .

Your logic makes no sense.  It’s not grounded in Catholic moral teachings and it contradicts itself saying manual stimulation is ok but not oral.  To be rationale consistent either both are approved or neither.  If th mouth can not be used for sex because it’s not it’s primary purpose, then how can the hands be involved since it’s not it’s primary purpose?  If your going to make an arguement at least be consistent on your arguement.

Papilloma viruses are naturally present in many women unknowingly to them. They may be contaminated  with or without an intercourse.
If Michael Douglas so many times notwithstanding the shame said his throat cancer was due to oral sex he had with (probably many) women, he didn't invented this, he was told by doctors.
We should know that there is a risk even if it is small and we must cease practicing it.

Hpv is not naturally present in women .  Where are you getting your facts from.  It's is a sexual lyrics transmitted disease.  It is spread from contact with the genitals.  How ever that were to happen.   Although women do not just carry this disease.  They must contract it first.  If women unknownly have it, it is because they contracted it some how. 

Please go read up on  HPV because you seem completely misinformed about it.

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