Delicate question about sexuality (warning: graphic language)
(04-18-2018, 12:05 PM)havok579257 Wrote: Hpv is not naturally present in women .  Where are you getting your facts from.  It's is a sexual lyrics transmitted disease.  It is spread from contact with the genitals.  How ever that were to happen.   Although women do not just carry this disease.  They must contract it first.  If women unknownly have it, it is because they contracted it some how. 

Please go read up on  HPV because you seem completely misinformed about it.
Maso Wrote:If Michael Douglas so many times notwithstanding the shame said his throat cancer was due to oral sex he had with (probably many) women, he didn't invented this, he was told by doctors.

HPV can be transmitted to newborns so is not necessarily always transmitted through a sexual act. It can also be transmitted by touching the genitals and then touching the mouth. His doctors would have no way of knowing how he contracted it. They may have said that, but there's no way for them to know for sure.

The clitoris is both internal and external. Most women require external stimulation in order to have an orgasm, as the external part is the equivalent of the glans of the penis. To understand how intercourse alone isn't typically conducive to orgasm, imagine the shaft of the penis being rubbed against with no stimulation of the glans. Same sort of thing. Might be pleasant, might bring some to orgasm, but won't typically work for most.
Sometimes I read the words of the scrupulous when it comes to sex and I pity their spouses.
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