So Tired of Going to Confession...
Although I have no prior knowledge of your situation, and others have provided helpful responses already, I would like to say this:  As someone who committed the sin of self-abuse on a near-daily basis for about fifteen years and was fully enslaved to the habit, I understand your frustration, to say the least.  More times than I care to remember, I resolved to give up both that sin and the use of pornography (which started later), only to fall again and again, not only into impurity, but into despair.  Since I became Catholic and started trying more and more to live a chaste life, there have been a couple of lengthy periods where I did successfully abstain from the sin, only to fall again.  Whenever I go to confession after relapsing, the first thing my confessor almost always says, before even mentioning the sin itself, is “Don’t get discouraged.”  He fully understands the seriousness of the sin, but he understands also that the greatest danger in this situation, for those of us prone to it, is not the sin itself, but the despair we may fall into as a result of committing it.  Lust and impurity can destroy the soul, but a greater danger, and what pleases the devil even more than the habit of lust, is our abandoning any hope of God’s aid in the struggle against sin and death.  More and more, I try to remember the words of St. Paul (I am paraphrasing):  “God will not allow you to be tempted above what you are able.”  What I try to take from that is this:  that, if God is allowing me to fall into a certain temptation, it is because He knows that I can overcome it by His grace.

If this is helpful to you, thank God.  If it is not, disregard it.  I will only add, you are not alone in your struggle.  Many still struggle against this enemy every day.  Many have fought this enemy and have overcome by the grace of God.  They will pray for you, and, for what little it is worth, I will pray for you. May God bless you.

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