So Tired of Going to Confession...
One of the biggest things that helped me get better at conquering sins of impurity (or rather, cooperate with God's grace), was having a consistent prayer schedule, and understanding that this is spiritual warfare..while at the same time, focusing on God rather than worrying about falling every second. Another key thing while in a state of grace is to avoid a sort of light pride, thinking, "oh, I haven't done so and so in a while, yay me" and no surprise not too long after you fall again. What I have found helpful is when having that thought, making the sign of the cross, and saying "but for the grace of God." Because it is He who can deliver us from sin. Definitely do not point the finger at him, and keep persistent. I know it may seem bleak and useless, but the key is to get back up no matter what, and God understands that.

God bless, and you will be in my prayers!

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