So Tired of Going to Confession...
(04-17-2018, 09:00 AM)SEDLIBERANOSAMALO Wrote: I will not debate whether Father Ripperger violated cannon law.  I do know that  Father Ripperger's book Deliverance Prayers for Use by the Laity (2017) contains the same prayers that are recommended by Father Gabriel Amorth, chief exorcist of Rome until his death last year, and those in Preces et Exorcismi Privati, 5th Edition, which the exorcist in our diocese gave to me and is much less readily available.

But, especially in cases of spiritual battle, one must be prudent, as was pointed out, the devil is a legalist.   If one is looking for deliverance prayers from an approved source, the USCCB did publish a book last year of deliverance prayers for use by the laity.  But the same poster above did warn about using prayers from tainted sources . . .

Fr Ripperger freely and publicly admitted in on of his YouTube video interviews that he did not follow Canon Law, and that a second edition of his book is being vetted by his Ordinary.

Still he justifies still selling the present one using the same logic you offer : well-know people said they were good, and they are contained in other books, even though Canon Law is clear also clear that reprints of prayer or liturgical matter for public consumption must be given a Concordat to ensure they match the original. With this they gain the same value as the original book.

It's fishy enough business that I am told by an FSSP priest that they have been instructed not to recommend the book and to dissuade people from buying or using it.

If the Roman Ritual wants only the holiest and wisest priests and then only after fasting, confessing and offering Mass, to perform an exorcism, and that only with permission of the Bishop and after a serious inquiry to prove possession, then the same should apply mutatis mutandis, for such "deliverance prayers" and "private exorcisms".

Generally the standard Catholic prayers and devotional practices should be the go-to practices. For those who do not even say 5 decades of the Rosary a day, that is where to start. Not with deliverance prayers.

If someone attending Mass, saying a Rosary and doing spiritual reading and meditation each day with confession every 2 weeks or so, wants to use approved deliverance prayers : Fine.

If someone can't be bothered even to say a Rosary each day, then deliverance prayers are the last thing they need. A normal Catholic beginners' spiritual life is what is needed.
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