Ingraham: exorcist of Rome (can't exorcise this one person)
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Ingraham: exorcist of Rome (can't exorcise this one person)

This was an interesting topic but Ingraham didn't show us much of the exorcism, which was videotaped (that is very unusual in itself).

Then they mentioned this woman who cannot be exorcised by Fr Amorth (Chief Exorcist of Rome), even though he is successful with most others. I think I know a little about the person they can't totally free from possession (?). I read Fr Amorth's book some time ago

The one he mentioned in the book who can't be exorcised was a victim of Satanic ritual child abuse. So that explains a few things IMO.

So we see how child abuse affects people long into adulthood.

This is very sad, of course. We should all pray for this woman.

I thought Fr Amorth had died, though ... Well, anyway-- I am fascinated w/ exorcism esp the phenomenon of being "perfectly possessed" as Malachi Martin called it, people who function like ordinary people but who are sold out to the devil. Their head doesn't swivel and they don't spew greeen vomit (so Hollywood, that) but they are possessed just the same. Have you ever known someone you suspect of this? someone who can control the evil spirit so well t hat you would never guess--?
Father Amorth is dead (RIP). Sometimes ccompletely exorcising a person can take many years of repeated exorcisms but that doesn't mean it's impossible. A person who is perfectly possessed allows the demon full control of his faculties, he does not control the spirit.

well, there is control involved otherwise there would be green vomit

just kidding

but there would be some manifestation

Demons do not need to manifest themselves. They choose to do so or are forced to do so by God.

you have contradicted yourself egregiously in 2 sentences

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