Churches Stance on Evolution 1950
(04-21-2018, 01:03 PM)Dominicus Wrote: As ive mentioned. The Church does not now and never has had any official stance on a matter not directly relating to matters of faith and morals. Popes and priests may have expressed their personal beliefs but they are never binding on Catholics to believe. This hasnt changed in 70 years.

All that's required to believe is that God created the universe ex nihilo, he created Adam and Eve, infused them with immortal souls, and they sinned against Him thus bringing original sin to their descendents.

so than the ccc's statements are not binding correct? and so no stance is made that says evolution or the big bang is constant  with the bible?

“Its been said that when human beings stop believing in god they believe in nothing. The truth is much worse, they believe in anything.” 
Malcolm maggeridge

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