Churches Stance on Evolution 1950
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(04-21-2018, 07:08 PM)1stvermont2ndvermont3rdvermont Wrote: 1 corinthians 15.26 calls death the enemy. God made all things originally and called it "good" could he say this of his enemy? could god call a creation with animal death good in the first place? would this not go against his own word in proverbs 12.10. Did not death enter by mans sin as Romans 5 12-14 says. Genesis 1 29-30 says animals were to be vegetarian as well as man. In gods good creation he wanted animals to multiply, not to die gen 1 24-25.

Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food”; and it was so.
Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.
So your telling me that animals were originally immortal? In that case they must have immortal souls. If they have immortal souls then where do they go upon death? Heaven? Hell? They can't go to Hell as animals lack the free will necessary to commit sin. So do the dead animals forever contemplate God in Heaven. If they are in Heaven can we pray to them?

If they were originally immortal then why did God punish them for man's sins? Are animals also guilty of original sin. Do they need to be baptized? Did Christ die for them? Will they also rise again? If they rise again then it must be by participating in Christ's ressurection.

Can you see the absurdity in all this? Its clear that animals have never been immortal. Such an idea is completely foreign to Christianity and implicitly rejects the very foundations of Christian Truth. In the Bible, God only referred to human death.

Also one might add, does eating plants not cause plants to die?

In support to Dominicus :

St. Basil the Great seems to accept animal death before the Fall (Cf. Hexaemeron, Homily 9.2)

Also 1 Cor 15 is not a good support for no-animal death before the Fall, as Verse 22 clearly applies the thought here to men, not animals.

Quote:Ergo et qui dormierunt in Christo, perierunt. Si in hac vita tantum in Christo sperantes sumus, miserabiliores sumus omnibus hominibus. Nunc autem Christus resurrexit a mortuis primitiæ dormientium, quoniam quidem per hominem mors, et per hominem resurrectio mortuorum. Et sicut in Adam omnes moriuntur, ita et in Christo omnes vivificabuntur. 

In support of the overwhelming tradition of the church the vatican today gave me this site.

You will find plenty on the church fathers and their beliefs in creation. It was not till modern atheist wanted to disprove the bible and some got scarred, that some christens compromised the traditions of the church.

as for the one of two fathers that never believed in evolution or billions of years but read genesis as allegory and literally, basil also said this 

“‘And there was evening and there was morning: one day.’ And the evening and the morning were one day. Why does Scripture say ‘one day the first day’? Before speaking to us of the second, the third, and the fourth days, would it not have been more natural to call that one the first which began the series? If it therefore says ‘one day’, it is from a wish to determine the measure of day and night, and to combine the time that they contain. Now twenty-four hours fill up the space of one day—we mean of a day and of a night.”Basil, Hexaemeron Homily IX:1

“God who made the nature of time measured it out and determined it by intervals of days; and, wishing to give it a week as a measure, he ordered the week to revolve from period to period upon itself, to count the movement of time, forming the week of one day revolving seven times upon itself … . If then the beginning of time is called ‘one day’ … it is because Scripture wishes to establish its relationship with eternity. … this day without evening, without succession and without end is not unknown to Scripture, and it is the day that the Psalmist calls the eighth day, because it is outside this time of weeks.”
Basil, Hexaemeron Homily II:8
“Its been said that when human beings stop believing in god they believe in nothing. The truth is much worse, they believe in anything.” 
Malcolm maggeridge

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