Churches Stance on Evolution 1950
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Quite simply the Kolbe Center is proffering a neo-Protestant notion of "Creation" under a Catholic veil.

My own personal dealing with Mr Owen have shown this. In my presence but privately he was corrected on a gross misinterpretation of St. Thomas Aquinas (to the point of falsity) by a traditional Catholic priest, but decided to refuse to accept the correction.

If you look at the sweeping generalizations often made (e.g. "all the Fathers and Doctors ...") which are easily and demonstrably false, it should show that these are not Catholic theologians interested in the Church's teaching, but in proffering their own opinion as dogma.

Case in point : St. Basil, mentioned above is one Father and Doctor who does not agree with regard to animal death. Certainly then it's not all the doctors. Also several Doctors and Fathers do not hold a six 24-hour day scenario (St. Cyprian and St. Augustine come immediately to mind), yet this very quote claims that "all the Father" believed and proclaimed this, which is, simply false.

Odd place for the Vatican to suggest i look for the church teachings at such a neo-protestant site. Maybe it is that both protostants and historical Catholics revived their beliefs from the bible?

I have provided links that respond to basil and augustine. In fact I quoted basil as a 6 day creationist. 

“‘And there was evening and there was morning: one day.’ And the evening and the morning were one day. Why does Scripture say ‘one day the first day’? Before speaking to us of the second, the third, and the fourth days, would it not have been more natural to call that one the first which began the series? If it therefore says ‘one day’, it is from a wish to determine the measure of day and night, and to combine the time that they contain. Now twenty-four hours fill up the space of one day—we mean of a day and of a night.”
Basil, Hexaemeron Homily IX:1

“God who made the nature of time measured it out and determined it by intervals of days; and, wishing to give it a week as a measure, he ordered the week to revolve from period to period upon itself, to count the movement of time, forming the week of one day revolving seven times upon itself … . If then the beginning of time is called ‘one day’ … it is because Scripture wishes to establish its relationship with eternity. … this day without evening, without succession and without end is not unknown to Scripture, and it is the day that the Psalmist calls the eighth day, because it is outside this time of weeks.”
Basil, Hexaemeron Homily II:8

Basil on animal death

 "Basil believed in what would now be defined as death in the animal world before the Fall. It is just that he had a different concept of death for animals than most people have today. One should be careful not to equate his perceptions with the proponents of animal death in the modern situation, as there is a vast theological difference. Basil the Great basically believed in what is now called “insect death” for all animals, on the basis of what is now recognized as a defective biology"


"Augustine abandoned his earlier allegorizations of Genesis that old-earth creationists and theistic evolutionists have latched onto in an attempt to justify adding deep time to the Bible. Furthermore, he always believed in a young earth"

However I have said the vast majority were 6 day creationist and nobody believed in evolution or the big bang or billion of years and the churches stance has always been the biblical one in the past.
“Its been said that when human beings stop believing in god they believe in nothing. The truth is much worse, they believe in anything.” 
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