Churches Stance on Evolution 1950
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(04-21-2018, 09:04 PM)1stvermont2ndvermont3rdvermont Wrote: In support of the overwhelming tradition of the church the vatican today gave me this site.

Pray tell, who at "the vatican" do you talk to?

So I emailed the vatican and got this response. 

The Catholic Church has never taken an official position explicitly on the Big Bang or evolution. All of the statements favorable to the Big Bang hypothesis or evolution have been made in a non-authoritative context. On the other hand, there is a large body of extremely authoritative teaching that upholds the fiat creation of all things and, rightly expounded, excludes Big Bang cosmology and biological evolution. The only official permission that the Magisterium has given in the encyclical letter of Pope Pius XII Humani generis was permission for Catholic scholars to examine the evidence for and against the evolutionary hypothesis, not to believe or teach it. However, just as papal permission to allow discussion of birth control was interpreted by most Western Bishops as permission to practice it, so permission to discuss evolution was perceived as permission to believe and teach theistic evolution. The difference is that the true Catholic doctrine of creation is waiting for its Humanae Vitae moment--which must come, because God cannot contradict Himself.

I hope this answer is helpful. Please read the article "The Traditional Doctrine of Creation" on the Kolbe website for an introduction to the authoritative teaching of the Church on creation. 

Yours in Christ through the Immaculata, 

Hugh Owen

Hugh Owen doesn't work at "the vatican".

He doesn't speak for the Church, and much of what he has said and written is demonstrably false or clear misinterpretation of the Church, Fathers or theologians.

He is a former high school teacher with no education in theology or science (B.S. in History & M.S. in education), who has made it his mission in life to go about and make scientific and theological critiques of reputable theologians and scientists, calling such people who accept what the Church teaches and the limits she sets as heretics.
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