Churches Stance on Evolution 1950
I don't make any conclusions for myself on the topic. I really don't care whether evolutionary processes directed by God produced the universe as we see it (though this seems far more logical and consistent with both the Faith and Science), or by an instantaneous production of everything as we know it.

God produced all of creation in an instant (this is Creation, properly speaking, the production of things ex nihilo), arranged it over the course of some time (either 7 days, 7,000 years or longer depending on which Church Father you read) to produce what we see today.

Still, some theologians make decent arguments for evolutionary processes based on Thomistic thinking :

I'm not a disciple of these, but if we're going to be throwing around a former high school teacher with no theological or scientific credentials as an expert in the subject and proponent of a Fundamentalist Protestant stance, then perhaps orthodox Catholic theologians (Dominicans) should be offered as well.

One theological argument which I find particularly interesting and worthy of discussion, though, certainly not definitive is : The fittingness of evolutionary creation/
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