Churches Stance on Evolution 1950
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(04-22-2018, 05:06 PM)1stvermont2ndvermont3rdvermont Wrote: On the other hand, what if i was a protstant who was investigating Catholicism and wanted to "test" it on its stance on creation. So if the church was against creation or said evolution was not inconstant as a matter of doctrine,  in my mind i could dismiss it as not the infalible interpreter it claims to be. They have not done so, therefore i must further investigate. In fact I am in the process of investigating Catholicisms, I am purchasing some apologetic works in defense of Catholics. such as what is coming in the mail

One does not "test" the Church. One certainly can look to verify its claims are reasonable, logical and consistent with Scripture.

The problem becomes that if the Church is the infallible interpreter you are looking to test, then if you think it disagrees with your interpretation, you dismiss it as infallible interpreter, but all that amounts to is "Does the Church teach what I believe" rather than what a Catholic must ask himself, "Do I believe what the Church teaches." You've got the whole argument backward.

And this is especially important on a relatively fringe issue. The Church's official teaching is that God is Creator of everything. She then limits the extremes and sets up the guard rails so those exploring don't fall off the side of the road. This is exactly the same thing as regards medical ethics, for instance.

The Church says, "X is not moral, but Y is" therefore we know that not only is it wrong to do X, but a good doctor will know that the best outcome will be in exploring Y, even if X seemed more promising.

If you are looking to investigate the Catholic Church as regards its claims, then the better method is not to take the esoteric issues, but the fundamental ones, see if they are reasonable, have historical basis and match better what the Gospels and Apostles wrote.

For instance, which Church teaches what the latter half of John 6 teaches about eating and drinking Our Lord's Body and Blood? Which has a logical position on the need for a visible religious society with a leader?

Those are the claims to investigate, but if you start by asking if the Church teaches the correct thing, using only your own opinion as the basis for that test, then you're stuck in the Protestant error of private interpretation, which can only lead to a personal subjective religion where everyone is permitted to believe whatever he wants, rather than one which is objective, but allows freedom on questions which do not concern the Faith or Morals.

In short, if you're interested in the Catholic Church then investigate it's claim to be the exclusive Church of Christ and its agreement with Scripture on it's foundational aspects rather than on a minor point, some aspects of which even the Father of the Church were divided.

No Catholic, much less the Church, rejects Creation. Many Catholics, including early Church Father take a varied opinion on precisely how that Creation came to be what we see around us today, and the Church allows such, so long as what affects the Faith is protected.

and this starts the whole debate does it not, the bible vs the church [man]. This i think is best done on its own thread where it can be addressed in full. I am starting with what i see is clearly true of the bible and testing it against the church.  if it holds true than i can dig deeper and see if it can be considered infallible. but if i just apply that right off of course it will hold true not matter what it claims. I could just as easily be a Muslim and do the same with the koran no matter what it says. I would rather test things against the bible as the bible tells me to do as protestants enjoy pointing out in debates with Catholics.

Trust me, i want nothing more than catholicm to be correct, it would make things so easy. but i would rather see god and say i did my best from the bible than perhaps follow a false path.

You have made two logical fallacies:

1) You've come onto the forum to speak to people who may not be catholic and certainly do not have the authority to represent the Church as far as what the Church teaches.  We may all profess to be catholic, but how would you know the difference?

2) You believe that your bible is the word of God.  Why would you believe that?

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