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Hi everyone--I am so glad to have found your message board--very glad!  I don't know if I'll find what I so desperately need to find while posting on here, but I feel the inner need to continue trying.  I've been married to a [lapsed]Catholic for nearly 48 years, and have wanted to be a Catholic before I capitulated to my dear uncle and joined his Church[Lutheran], not long before I met my husband.  However, my story is way too long and so complicated as to sound more than a bit unbelievable, but so true.

So, I'll just convey what's happened fairly recently, near the end of my 'story': I wanted to take the RCIA classes a few years back, and enrolled, but I had come across something that really worried me.  It had to do with something called 'sedevacantism'
--I'd come across a video by two priests on YouTube who claimed that the 'Seat of Peter' was now vacant due to Vatican II--well, I wanted to understand what in the world they were talking about, so I emailed the RCIA teacher and asked him and told him what I'd learned from that video.  Before I received a return email from the class teacher I received an email from the local Parish's Deacon, asking me to meet with him on the following Saturday in his office at the Church.

Ok--this is the part I still can't come to grips with, and it has to do with happened once my husband dropped me off at the Church that Saturday afternoon.  I had never met that Deacon before, and had only spoken to the class teacher the year before, but don't remember ever discussing any family business with him.  It hadn't been very long since my son was killed in Afghanistan, and I was still shaky emotionally, so I'd told him I felt I needed time, so wanted to discontinue the RCIA.  He told me no problem, and if I ever decided to take the classes again, just to let him know.

So, I did that, and that particular Saturday afternoon I thought the Deacon, who's name I can't even remember, brought me into his office because he just wanted to discuss my desire to convert, or something along those lines.  Unfortunately for me, he instead began to upbraid me, calling me a 'trouble maker!' for the questions I'd asked the class teacher about the 'Seat of Peter'--he also included some things he must have heard from a family member who doesn't like me, but what he heard was not true, yet he nearly shouted at me, telling me that I was to blame for my husband's family not wanting to associate with me after my son's death--that was a total falsehood, but as he was berating me about personal matters that, had he truly known us, he would have realized what he'd heard about the situation was nothing but untruthful gossip and nothing more--yet, there I sat, stunned, and dumbfounded that this total stranger to me was telling me that I was a horrible person responsible for all the hostility towards me from certain members of my husband's family--I felt like I was in the 'Twilight Zone' tv show or something!!

He truly frightened me, and every time I tried to let him know that what he believed about me was not true, he simply berated me further, and finally told me that he thought I was a liar who had made up that whole thing about the two priests who's videos I'd watched on YouTube!  The final thing he told me was that, because I was nothing but a 'trouble maker!', that 'they' had decided not to allow me to enroll in the RCIA classes--just remembering that brings tears back to my eyes.  I felt as though the man had condemned me to hell on the tissue of untruthful things he'd heard about me from family gossips, and he never allowed me to explain or defend against the things he was telling me about myself--it was one of the most horrible, surreal moments of my life, on top of the indescribable pain of losing my son!

I'm sorry--what I honestly need to know is can I somehow still join the Catholic Church, and if so, how can I do that, since I've been banned by this Deacon, at the local Parish near us?!  Also, maybe it was Providence from the Lord that I wasn't able to take those RCIA classes from the local Parish since they are what I now know to be "Vatican II" adherents, and I only recently discovered that there is a huge difference between them and those who adhere to the Traditional Catholic teachings, and beliefs.  I can only hope there is some way I can still be allowed to convert in spite of being labeled a 'trouble maker' like that. 

Thank you so very much, and I think this board is one that I've been hoping to find for years, and years! :)

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Well welcome, sister troublemaker!!! !Novus Ordo has become crazy! And yes, I truly believe God has spared you from the Novus Ordo! You are very lucky! It has taken me 15 years of such insane suffering from "That church" to finally completely sever! Myself and family member have been physically attacked by a few nutcases at the Novus Ordo!!! For kneeling during their "prayers"! Go to the Fraternity of St. Peters or the Society of St. Pius X ! They still believe the Pope is the Pope but a very bad Pope. The Church has suffered before in Her 2,000 year old history with Popes who lack. Look at the first Pope, St. Peter, who denied His Lord Three Times!!! It took Pentecost before Peter and the Apostles could become like Jesus Christ. They, save Mary His Mother and the Magdalen and St John all fled when the Romans took Jesus to be crucified!

I know nothing of your personal problems and could not help you with that, anyways. And do not expect a TradCat priest to be able to solve them, either. They are there for you spiritually, and if you follow what they say, it will also gradually help you with personal problems. I do know that going to Confession with a Traditional Priest (ask him to instruct you how to do it) smooths out personal problems. The TradCat priest will guide you how to become a True Catholic. Call one tonight! (or tomorrow morning! I do not know your time zone!)

Know that nothing is perfect in this world. There will still be some problems with traditional Catholics. However, they are much, much diminished because of the substantially true Latin Mass they celebrate, and the traditional catechism. And they are obedient and respectful of their priests. That hierarchy comes in handy! The sedevacantists are not really quite that bad, because they do believe in the See of Peter. The chair is still there, they just feel it is empty. But I would not go to them too much because they do not understand Europe-they do not understand the loyalty to be found in a monarchy, which is what the TradCat Church is, when Clerics let Holy Mother Church fulfill that function. They also have started their groups in a wrong way. You also, now, have to select a conservative traditional priest, because some are being influenced by progressivism (Lefebvre would call it liberalism-has a different connotation in Europe than in America). Go also to Our Lady of Good Success of Quito Ecuador of whom Dr. Marian Horvat has written. She will explain to you that these dire times for the Church were predicted starting in 1611 here in America! Get Open Letter to Confused Catholics by Marcel Lefebvre and go to Pray to your Guardian Angel to help you. Say the Rosary according to St. Dominic (this is a sedevacantist site--I do not mind using them as a resource--just beware of their arguments against every other traditional Catholic except themselves!-but this rosary is so nice and clear that I thought you would like it).

Sometime perhaps we can share horror stories of Novus Ordo together! And I pray many good experiences with the Real Holy Mother Church!
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Prayers to you! My mom and I are converts. We did it together at a NO church whose priest believes Trad beliefs. On EWTN Father Larry Richards says that a Deacon or Priest that yells at you or makes you feel like you described is not a Holy person. Find a different parish to join. The good Lord wants you to be Catholic but not their type of Catholic!! God be with you.
Did I ever tell you the story about the school principal and head of the school religious education(Sister of Mercy) telling me that I was not a good Christian because I objected (very politely) to a Baptist child crowning Mary in the May Day Crowning at our school?
No, well, all true.
I politely said, in a private meeting, just the three of us,  that the honor of crowning Mary should go to a Catholic girl, this being a Catholic school and all.   And the girl they had chosen was a Baptist.  They said I did not know what was in her heart, and I said they were correct, but I do know that she goes to her Baptist Church on Sundays and goes to Bible study at her Baptist church every Wednesday night and Baptists have a very different view of Our Lady.   Perhaps this honor should go to a Catholic girl.....  They said, again, that I was not a good Christian and I told them that my daughter would not be in school that day.  I was not the only parent to object to the very nice, very sweet Baptist girl crowning Mary on that day.  My child was not the only child absent that day.
Then the head of religious education at my daughters school told MY DAUGHTER, during the school day, that her mother was not a good Christian because her mother (me) objected to this other girl crowning Mary.  Within 2 years both the principal and the nun were gone from the school.
My point is, there are jerks everywhere.  People who have their own reasons for doing what they are doing.  Reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with us, we are just on the receiving end of their bad behavior.  It is like road rage, dressed up all nice and pretty. The Church is made up of people, mostly good and kind, but occasionally, a little off the rails.  It hurts.  It shocks.  It isn't supposed to be here, in the Church, but, dammit, there are people everywhere.
Of course you are welcome.  We would love for you to become Catholic. I am very sorry you went thru this.  I am very sorry this man made you feel this way, it was wrong of him.   Find a parish you feel comfortable with and join us.
(04-26-2018, 08:26 PM)MaryTN Wrote: I politely said, in a private meeting, just the three of us,  that the honor of crowning Mary should go to a Catholic girl, this being a Catholic school and all.   And the girl they had chosen was a Baptist.  They said I did not know what was in her heart, and I said they were correct, but I do know that she goes to her Baptist Church on Sundays and goes to Bible study at her Baptist church every Wednesday night and Baptists have a very different view of Our Lady.

I'm surprised the girl's parents didn't object to her 'idolatry'. They must not be very good Baptists. But, then, you know what they say: Jews don't recognise Christ as the Messiah, Anglicans don't recognise the Pope as head of the Church, and Baptists don't recognise each other at the liquor store.

What you should have said is that you're offended by the Baptist girl culturally appropriating the May crowning. :)

Welcome to the forum, Christine, and there's no reason that deacon should have acted like that. Even though I don't believe sedevacantism to be correct, I understand why people do believe it. Much of the problem of Vatican II lies in its interpretation, which has been done by people who want to turn the Church into more of a "Church of nice" where anything goes, rather than the documents themselves, which do appear contradictory to prior teachings at first but often aren't. But the details are often more than the average Catholic really knows about, and then they have clergy telling them "we don't believe that anymore."

Are there any traditional parishes near you? Even if they aren't run by one of the traditional orders, diocesan parishes that offer the Latin Mass tend to have much more traditional priests - especially if the pastor is the one saying both forms of the Mass - and are much more accepting of traditional Catholics.
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“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."
Hi Gold Star Mom. My son is a Veteran. You will have ongoing problems with Novus Ordo, despite those who claim it is redeemable. SSPX
(Society of St. Pius X) and FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter) have Latin Mass and mostly follow Traditional Catholic Church before Vatican II changed everything. I was shocked to read in the Appendix of a book of Vatican II Documents that as of 1981, the date of this book, there are 250 Important (!) letters, decrees, constitutions, and some issued Motu Proprio (must be obeyed!)since Vatican II closed, implementing & supporting Vatican II, all aimed with destroying the Traditional Mass as well as promoting heresies of no more evangelizing non-Catholics and allowing non-Catholics and even non-Christians to partake of Holy Communion!! Most of these were issued by Pope Paul VI. And these were just the most important! No one can doubt that the Vatican II Popes changed The Faith after reading just the titles of these! They make it Very Clear!

Archbishop Lefebvre was correct when he said all of the conservative Bishops were concerned as to how Vatican II would be implemented, and they were right, because it was not implemented to support the Real Catholic Church. Sedevacantists are wrong to act as if they are the authority to make the legal pronouncement that the Chair of Peter is empty. There have been numerous anti-popes, just look in Our Sunday Visitor's Encyclopedia of Catholic History! This is a Traditional Catholic site! Why are so many campaigning for the Novus Ordo Church? Oh, just wait around for a nicey nice person to replace so and so obnoxious and everything will be alright! Well it will Not! I know 2 dozen people who have left The Church and religion altogether because of these constant abuses of the Novus Ordo "church" in 15 years! And that is just me who met these people! How many more are there? It is because the laws and directives from Rome have been for an inclusive all religions join together in worship " church"!! Just look at the Novus Ordo hymnal/missal! It is filled with songs from every Christian denomination and a few secular nature songs and has no Imprimatur -not that a current one would be worth anything, anyways-saying it is Not against Faith and Morals! The Tridentine Mass has the Traditional Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat (it may be printed) and is filled with True Catholic Teaching in the Mass and readings! There really is no comparison. 2/3rds of the Tridentine Mass are removed from the Novus Ordo "mass"!

Go to a Traditional Latin Mass church and group. That is what this site should be promoting! Read Archbishop Lefebvre's Open Letter to Confused Catholics. Find the True Roman Catholic Church and join, not the Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran,"Catholic", Quaker Novus Ordo (New Order---New!!!) one! Notice how the Novus Ordo church does not even call itself Roman Catholic anymore, but only Catholic, like Anglicans! Go ahead and read Sedevacantists but do not think they have the authority they claim. If you really want to know the Faith, go to: and and you will get The Faith, the powerful words as Jesus Christ taught, and loyalty to the Pope! And one cannot be Catholic without loyalty to the Pope! But not a blind loyalty. We are not obligated to obey him when he contradicts Roman Catholic teaching and morals! And that is what Novus Ordo people do not understand. They are being taught a different religion from what Jesus Christ taught.
Welcome, GoldstarMom! First off, I want to say thank you and may God reward your son or his service and you for your greatest sacrifice! It is a very heavy cross you carry, I do know. 

Secondly, you must have received very special graces from Our Lord to still wish to convert to the Catholic Church after all the hurtful things you experienced. Hang onto this precious gift of faith, and I trust we're all so very happy you're here. Welcome, welcome!!!
Oh my Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything.--Fr Dolindo Ruotolo

Persevere..Eucharist, Holy Rosary, Brown Scapular, Confession. You will win.

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