"turning the other cheek" & "do not resiste evildoers" HUH?
(05-16-2018, 04:16 PM)gracemary5 Wrote: I like what 1stVermont... said

I like that we are reminded of how Paul said something about how someone who harmed him would be paid back... and etc.

I think I will copy that post for future reference

again, it is "easy" to let certian wrongs go

but what if doing so allows the same evil to be done to someone else (because you didn't stand up to it)? I know of a situation like this. If bullies think that no one will ever punish them, they will go on bullying
Peace.....I don't think turning the other cheek means we become doormats.....or allow ourselves to be targets for abuse.  It does seem that God would want us to try peacemaking/prayer instead of allowing ourselves to get caught up in battle or vengeance.  This can lead to bigger sins - such as murder.  God bless, angeltime :heart:
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