Independent Catholics
Well, a little mind-fullness (thought-fullness) would be helpful, here, I believe. "Independent" priests cover a wide spectrum. Some are extremely liberal, like the woman priestesses, and some a very good, legitimately trained priests who simply continued saying the Tridentine Mass and have fairly large congregations. These have often willed their church property over to SSPX upon their death. There are independent Chapels around the country (USA) which may be helped by Traditional priests belonging to a legitimate Society. These priests are healthy and stable and have been in their chapels many years. Also, some priests go through good seminaries, perhaps FSSP or SSPX, and then choose to become independent, because their congregation has decided to become independent for whatever reason, and would have no one to minister to them. One should be careful in any chapel or church situation, these days. Perverts can target a traditional group especially, because there may be more innocence and naiveté there among overly trusting parents and children. That is just the sad state of our society. We are all from the same society, whether or not conservative or liberal or traditional. There are usually many less problems with conservatives and traditionalists, however, no one is immune to sin. I do not like lumping "independent priests" into one mold. If the chapel is teaching good catechism and the people well organized, it is probably a good group.

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