I would not be a Christian if not for the Catholic Church
I was "raised Catholic" (if you can call Sunday-Mass-attendance-only "being raised Catholic")

but I was not catechized and so when I was young made many mistakes, which had terrible consequences. It's a wonder I escaped with a shred of sanity (which some might maintain did not exactly happen but that is their problem... or whatever)

so anyway, even after I returned to the Catholic Church, I was still young and "thought for myself" and all that-- and so, well, one day I was reading the Old Testament and OMG!

i read something that i just COULD NOT believe! I wish i could remember what it was but it doesn't really matter (for my point)

i was reading the bible outside the Church... in other words, didn't have the benefit of the Real Presence to get me through those troubling psgs..

so if that moment were all I had to go by, I would NOT be a Christian

But thank God, I knew about (thanks to a good priest) the Real Presence. And so I stayed a Christian. It's interesting I met this good priest who told me about being in Christ's Presence right at the time (met him at the time) I was beginning to go back to Jesus (praying the rosary albeit not "religiously" or daily). If it hadn't been for him, I may have fallen away from any kind of church at all, Protestant or o/wise...

I mean, what can I say? I was YOUNG.. case closed!

And what is really odd, and extremely troubling (and should be to all of you as well) is the fact that that was not only the first priest to mention the Real Presence to me (spending time with Jesus that way) but the ONLY one!!

years and years went by and never again did I hear of the benefits of stting b4 the Blessed Sacrament (from another priest).

THAT is hideous!
Also, it seems to me that many here do not know about or practice this most efficacious of all devotions

no wonder the Church is in disrepair, spiritually, morally

and no wonder the world outside the Church is REALLY, really in disrepair (lawlessness, indifference toward the sufferings of others.. etc)
grace, you may be well suited using a chat or  group messaging service, if you can't access this forum.  Before I became Catholic I didn't drink much alcohol
then, I started going to the brewery, and  oh Noah.  :grin:
It is true though since I converted I had ample opportunity to grow in the intellectual faith, through Church services and Mass. Like you say, adoration and sitting in the Eucharistic Presence has great benefit. 

The surrounding culture needn't detract from the Faith.

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