St. Andrew Bible Missal
While rummaging through a bookshelf I discovered this missal: the St. Andrew Bible Missal. At first I thought it was an update to the venerable 1945 St. Andrew Daily Missal that I hadn't heard about anywhere, but no. Although created by St. Andrew's Abbey in Belgium, and published by the same company that released the SADM, it does not appear to be a direct, lineal update to the SADM. It uses the 1962 calendar, but lacks the extensive doctrinal, historical and liturgical notes of the SADM, as well as many of the devotions.

It also employs many terms later adopted by the OF Mass of 1970; using "Entrance Song" instead of Introit, etc. And "Time after Pentecost" is called "Ordinary Time" in the Missal's section introducing that liturgical season. (Although on each Sunday after Pentecost is referred to as "'whatever number'" Sunday after Pentecost.") 

Anyone else ever heard of this Missal? Thoughts? Comments? Is it useful for anything? The commentary for the Sundays appear all right from what little I studied from it, (I just found it yesterday, and so haven't fully explored it, yet) but it definitely will not be replacing my SADM. I love that Missal!  :heart:

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