Council of Trent
Paul VI was a legitimately elected Pope. As to the heresies in Novus Ordo, please read Open Letter to Confused Catholics and They Have Uncrowned Him by Marcel Lefebvre. Angelus Press sells these books. Too many heresies for me to list. Best to read from the expert.
You might also view the video The Battle for the Faith Today Part 4, which targets specific heresies in Novus Ordo,which might serve as an introduction for you.
(11-16-2018, 11:01 PM)greatdame Wrote: What year are your Missals, Paul.

1939, and reprints of the 1570 and 1962 editions. Also the 1985, but we're talking about the traditional rite here.

But it can't be "take ye all of this", if by that you mean "[take ye] [all of this]", meaning "all of the Body of Christ". "All" goes with "ye"; otherwise, it would be "ex hoc omne", but we have the nominative/vocative plural "omnes". Ex takes the ablative. So "take ye all, and eat of this", is correct, even if it doesn't match the Latin word order. "Take ye, and eat ye of this, all" is the Latin, but that's not how we speak in English.
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