Last Words
This is from the last words of Robert Kennedy;

Juan Romero, who was 17 during the 1968 incident, was working on that early June night when the presidential hopeful made remarks at the Ambassador Hotel, he recalled during an interview with StoryCorps, according to NPR.
After Kennedy spoke, he was reportedly ushered through the hotel’s kitchen, where he paused to greet employees, including Romero.
"I remember extending my hand as far as I could, and then I remember him shaking my hand," Romero reportedly said during the interview. "And as he let go, somebody shot him."

Romero, now 67, recalled Kennedy's final words.
“Is everybody OK?” he asked, to which Romero said he replied, “Yes” before cushioning the senator’s head with his hands.
"I could feel a steady stream of blood coming through my fingers," Romero reportedly said. "I remember I had a rosary in my shirt pocket and I took it out, thinking that he would need it a lot more than me. I wrapped it around his right hand and then they wheeled him away."
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