Baptist Church Evicts Jesus
Jesus is being evicted from a South Carolina church, and he must be out by the end of the month.
Red Bank Baptist Church in Lexington, about 120 miles northeast of Charleston, has voted to remove a  statue of Christ and its accompanying reliefs after 11 years, because they are believed to be too “Catholic in nature”.
The white, hand-carved statue in question shows Christ with his outstretched and stepping out of the wall, while the reliefs depict images from Christ's life, death and resurrection.
Red Bank Baptist Church leaders sent a letter to the artist, Bert Baker Jr., earlier this month, informing him that the congregation had voted to remove the statue because it was being perceived as a Catholic icon and was causing confusion among churchgoers.
“We understand that this is not a Catholic icon, however, people perceive it in these terms. As a result, it is bringing into question the theology and core values of Red Bank Baptist Church," church leaders Jeff Wright and Mike Dennis said in the letter.
Baker, a former member of the church’s congregation himself, was commissioned to make the statue for Red Bank in 2007.
In a response letter, Baker told the church leaders that he wanted the Christ statue to appear to be stepping out in a symbol of the Lord’s commission, and that the other images in the reliefs were based on basic facts about Christ's life which can be found in the Bible.
“Under each arm the reliefs depict scriptural and historical events that we as Christians believe represent the life of Christ. There should be no confusion on the facts of Jesus’ birth, life events, the miracles, His crucifixion, death and most importantly His resurrection,” Baker said in his letter.
In comments to local newspaper The State, Baker said he was “not interested in stirring the pot, but people not liking it because it looked too Catholic is crazy, man. It's been up there for 11 years."
"I don't agree with the letter, it bothers me," he added.
Rhonda Davis shared photos of both the church’s letter and Baker’s response in a Facebook post, and commented that she found it “truly sad” that the statues were going to be removed for reasons that singled out Catholics.
She called the decision “disturbing and sad that in a time when we are all needing to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ to project and reflect His love to a lost and dying world…”
In his response letter to the church, Baker said that he was “stunned that your letter both insults the intelligence of the Red bank community (as not intelligent enough to know that Red Bank Baptist Church is a Baptist church despite having a large sign stating as much) and, more disturbing, singling out the Catholic church in such a manner as to suggest that their denomination is deficient in theology and lacking in Christian core values to the point that you wish to prevent or avoid any perceived association with them.”
“In a world that is dying with prejudices, it is disappointing for (a) church that claims Christ as its head would exclude any of His followers.”
Red Bank offered Baker the chance to remove the statues himself before May 31 if he wanted to reclaim them, but Baker said that he made the statue and reliefs for the church and that it was their choice to do with them as they wished.
However, he said he hoped the art would not be destroyed and that it instead might be donated to another church or sold to support a mission.
"I was commissioned to make the sculpture, and whatever they choose to do with it is their prerogative," Baker told The State. "I just didn't want it destroyed. I don't want to take it down personally, but I hope they find another place for it."

So, Jesus is being evicted for being "too Catholic."
And in response, there's this, from Eye of the Tiber (which, unlike the statue article, is satire):

"Congregants of a Baptist church in South Carolina yesterday unanimously voted to remove all bibles from their church because many believe it’s too “Catholic” for their place of worship.

In a letter written to his congregation, Pastor Don Ringle said the bibles would be removed this week.

“We have discovered that there are people that view the bible as Catholic in nature,” Ringle wrote, going on to say that the bible was beginning to bring into question “the theology and core values of the church.”

“I’ve tried for years to remove certain passages from the bible, telling people to tear out this book and that, this chapter and that, until we were basically left with a pamphlet.
After some consideration and dialogue with my congregants, as well as prayer, we decided the whole bible that was left to us still smelled a little too papist.”
The letter also stated that Catholic churches around the South Carolina area had until Friday to pick up the bibles if they wanted to keep them, and that if not, they would be destroyed.

A spokesman for the Catholic Church in the area thanked Ringle, but said that they have no use for abridged versions of the bible."
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Those Baptists are 100% right about that: Jesus is too Catholic for them.  They all need to convert.
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The Baptists can have their fluorescent-lit warehouse 'churches'.
Still, good to know Catholicism is still known for beauty
"Good above all good, and Beautiful above all beautiful; peaceful repose, Peace, Concord and Union of all souls; compose the dissensions which divide us from one another, and lead them back to an union with charity, which has a kind of similitude to Thy sublime essence: and as Thou art One above all, and we, one, through the unanimity of a good mind; that we may be found before Thee simplex and not divided, whilst celebrating this mystery; and that through the embraces of Charity and bonds of Love, we may be spiritually one, both with ourselves and with one another, through that Thy Peace pacifying all; through the Grace and Compassion and Love towards man of Thine Only-begotten Son; through Whom, and with Whom is due to Thee, Glory, honour and dominion, with Thy Most Holy Spirit." - Liturgy of Dionysus
Eye of the Tiber: the Catholic take on The Onion. Really, if it is anything that we should have learned from the alt-right's winning use of memes in the past few years it is that humor is one of the most effective forms of opening people's minds. As gratifying as it is to bemoan the decline and meditate on the fewness of the saved (which, rarely, excludes those who meditate upon it for some reason), that ain't a strategy for today.

Recent EofT article:

A priest, so lacking in imagination, he has to resort to celebrating the Latin Mass. This is the kind of witnessing that we need. Love it.
A statue of Jesus that a Baptist church in South Carolina voted to remove because the congregation deemed it too Catholic has found a new home.
The hand-carved, 7-foot (2-meter) statue and accompanying reliefs depicting scenes from Christ's life have been displayed outside the front entrance of Red Bank Baptist Church in Lexington for a decade. But church members voted last month to move it.
The Rev. Jeff Wright, the church's pastor, would not tell The Associated Press when the statue will be taken down but said it is going to another church.
Church members meant no harm in the decision, and the attention has turned what was a simple church issue unfairly into a social justice issue, Wright said.
"This is not a denomination issue, it's a church decision," Wright said. "We are removing it to end some confusion. Some people have seen it, guests that have been here and have asked, 'Why is this on the front of a Baptist Church?'"
In a letter to the artist Delbert Baker Jr., Wright wrote that the statue and reliefs bring into question "the theology and core values" of the church.
"We understand that this is not a Catholic icon, however, people perceive it in these terms," the letter read.
Religions have been divided over religious iconography for more than 500 years as artists adorned buildings with elaborate stained glass windows, paintings, and statues, said David Fink, assistant professor of religion at Furman University.
There are noticeable physical similarities in the Red Bank church's statue and the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, historically one of the most Catholic countries in the world, Fink said.
"It's hard to identify one feature that makes it Catholic, but even the existence of a statue of Jesus is unusual at a Baptist Church," Fink said. "There may not be a clear rationale in play here. They may just want to be a little more clear in their branding."
Wright said his church about 20 miles (32 kilometers) west of Columbia in one of the most conservative parts of the state just wants to move forward and find a home for the statue and reliefs.
"I don't have any animosity against the Catholic denomination at all or the people that are fussing about this," Wright said. "The statue has served its season. The church is making changes physically; this is the time for it to come down."

If Jesus comes to me I will give Him a home in my heart.
Well, good! Baptists have auditoriums and promote ugliness and should! Having a statue of even moderate beauty might fool people into thinking that they are more than they are! Baptists do not even believe Jesus Christ when he says that His Sacraments forgive sins! They believe that their own belief causes God to forgive them. In other words, God is dependent upon Man for His actions of forgiveness for them, when it should be that Man is dependent upon God for His actions of forgiveness! This is why the Traditional Catholic Church does not accept non-Catholics as even being Christian. They do not accept the Church which Jesus Christ Himself set up. And I am not talking about the Conciliar Progressivist "Church", which, when Pope does not act as true leader of the Church, he is no longer in the Church (as those who are in mortal sin are not in the Church until they repent and go to the Sacrament of Confession) and the Church is no longer in him! Yet the One Holy Apostolic Catholic Church continues in all Her purity. She is not dependent upon sinners for her Holiness! Read the 'Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?' Collection by Atila Guimaraes, to be found here: It is a collection to be read slowly, often by choosing subjects to read. By looking up Martin Luther in the indexes for all eleven volumes, I am now very clear on why almost all of my family returned to ancestral paganism. It really gives clear answers and is for all confused and frustrated Catholics.

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