Southern Grit/Depravity/Grace?
Yes, I posted this in another thread, but I thought that it was worth a thread of it own. If you live in the South--or ever have, you know that there is a mythical quality to it. Ivy, magnolia, humidity, mint juleps, guitars, literature, wilting women, and racial concerns. I grew up in Southern California, but my family moved to Mississippi a number of years ago. Honestly, I do not think that I could leave the South--if I were to stay in 'Merica. Despite the Baptist association, the South has a strong Episcopalian foundation. Therefore, the swim through the Tiber from the South is not as long as it may be in, say, Rhode Island. Thus:

The players in this video are from Italy and Wales; however, none of this would have happened without the US South. Only in the South would I have gotten yelled at for having talked during the playing of "Dixie." Another time, at this same honky-tonk, I got into a fight in which we turned over a few tables and spilled a helluva lot of beer, yet the band did not miss a beat. I tapped out when the owner of the bar,who would go on to shoot off a few of his fingers in another incident, elbowed me to back of my head. Really, y'all need to live in the South for at least a year before you can talk about strife and life. 

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My wife and I always talk about moving south, but don't want to leave our families behind. There is just something about the south that the rest of the country is missing. Certainly a more religious people even if they're mostly prots.
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(06-13-2018, 07:16 AM)GangGreen Wrote: My wife and I always talk about moving south, but don't want to leave our families behind. There is just something about the south that the rest of the country is missing. Certainly a more religious people even if they're mostly prots.

The more religious & conservative aspect of life south of MD is a big part of why I stay here.  True, they're largely prots, but they're largely less hostile to Catholicism than the atheist crowd.
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I spent some time in the South, occasionally between 80-86, and found while it was different, people were typically nicer than alot of other places in the country I've been. Southerners are still negatively stereotyped by people who would never say such things about other groups. Another myth about the Old South, is that outside of Louisiana, it was almost entirely Protestant. Most of the cities and larger towns have Catholic churches that date back to the 19th century.
I grew up in
I have never experienced any strong anti-Catholic sentiment in Mississippi. In a way, that worries me, only because an  anti-type religious sentiment shows that people still take religious differences seriously, which I would respect, but do not believe is still the case. Most of (religious) Mississippi is Baptist, with a large Pentecostal presence as well. However, along the MS coast,  the Catholic identity is much more well-formed and evident. I tell people that Catholic Mississippi is such a different beast than Protty Mississippi--and, of course, and a much more enjoyable place to live.

Though monolithic "culture" continues to consume what is unique about a region, Southerners--for now anyway, still, as Flannery O'Connor stated, exhibit a Christ-haunted nature. I have found, by and large, that even the wildest will still not openly and freely disrespect religious beliefs, though they may not hold those beliefs themselves. Those who do, in addition, do not seem quite comfortable with themselves as they do it.
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I do luv that old time jam band Southern rock. We catch 'em every time they're in NYC. We like New Orleans for a great time, but honestly nothing is as pretty as Southern Vermont. This is where I will be headed one fine day. They've got the Latin Mass over the boarder in two directions: New York and New Hampshire.

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