Scrupulosity and Culpability
Recently I hit a new low, in regards to my scruples.

One of my key problems is I'm a perfectionist, recently I was asking about being bond by conscience to confess a sin one thinks is mortal, even if it's not in reality, mortal. During that discussion, someone said that, if one has reasonable certainty that the criteria for a mortal sin is met, even if it's not mortal, one should confess it, and that led to a whole series of events that has brought me to this new low.

I'm trying to get to help for my scruples, but it's hard because my diocese has almost no resources to deal with this. But getting to my main question, I've recently had a whole slew of angry, frustrated thoughts, and I'm wondering whether or not I have reasonable certainty in regards to some of the more serious thoughts I've had? Is it possible, that due to my condition, I can sort of plead insanity in regards to these thoughts because my scrupulosity? Can I receive Communion, the next time I go to mass, or should I try and go to confession instead, and mention these to a priest?
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Confess every sin you can think of, even venial sins. Often when we are timid on confessing an especially shameful sin, it is because the devil is whispering in our ears and does not want us to be saved. Ultimately, it does not matter what happens to us in this life as long as we attain the next.
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