Mae Flexer at Mass
Pro-abortion senator Mae Flexer, who claims to be a Catholic, attends Mass at St. James in Danielson Connecticut, USA. Nobody is doing anything (except me) about this mortal sinner who is receiving (and distributing!) Communion. Furthermore, this is causing a scandal, and if this continues, she will go to hell.
If she comes to you for Communion just turn around with Our Lord even if they dismiss you.
She distributes Communion. sad
Besides, I do not consider myself worthy enough to be a Eucharistic minister.
MonstranceDeo Gratias et Ave Maria! Monstrance
I do not quite understand. Why are you supporting a church that allows this and not seeking out a Latin Mass?
I join you in your disagreement with this pro abortion politician being an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. That just shows the great love that Jesus has for you. He allows himself to be handled by this evil person just so that he can be with you.

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