Disrespect and Disgust towards the Male Body
I'm still unjaded enough to believe most women love a real man. Good men are the bomb!
"Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.” --G.K. Chesterton
SacraCor714, what I have understood from some variety of views, put forward as Catholic, is neither the husband, nor the wife, has a place in Holy Matrimony, to deny the other sexual relations; however, married couples are to live their sexual relations in a chaste manner:  purity remains important.  I do not recognize the joke provided as an illustration of man as dirt, and woman as pure.  She ran off with the Devil, and brought him along, before they were punished with pain, and sweat.  Never mind that.  It illustrates a woman's sex drive as more passive, than a man's sex drive.  Generally true. After baptism, being separated from Original Sin, those to be confirmed are left with concupiscence--the human body and its sex drive--to pray to have such bodily needs satisfied is tricky, because it can lead easily to sin.  It can be better to pray for becoming more skilled in the arts, sports, history, mathematics, etc..  There is less occasion for sin.  Western Civilization's conception of beauty, can be a little lost at times.  The growth of a tree, can be slow and therefore, its beauty is hard to see.  The beauty of an olympian, can be more easily seen.  The beauty is in how the lives are lived.  What might have been one of the most beautiful performances, you have ever seen, then when you met the aged performer the beauty of it, stood.  Rejection is important to maintain purity.  If after a year of marriage there is no live birth, then it may be lives were lived not so beautifully, but enough of being frank about sexual matters.  Of course, like someone mentioned:  how is Genesis interpreted.  Adam is created from the earth, while the woman is created from man.  He was pure at the time.  So was the earth
I think that after the marriage, with the passage of a year, there is the expectation of a pregnancy. There is a year to get adjusted to living with each other.
Men are denigrated in culture and in the church, but discussing it is unfortunately perceived as being "bitter" or weak. It's the kind of issue that can't really be solved in and of itself.

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I have noticed that impure thoughts come about mostly when I am NOT tired while in bed. I would recommend some sort of physical exercise or work. When you are really tired, take a cool shower and get into bed. You should go to sleep right away.

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