It's raining men and problems.
Well, they're very nasty then. Of course, your life has value! I think it all comes down to this wierd modern thinking that any activity is only good if you're paid for it or if it visibly can be proven that you're contributing to the community. Obviously, this line of thinking leaves out prayer, hidden acts of sacrifice and other Catholic lifestyles. So, are they Catholic? Maybe find some Catholic ladies although easier said than done?

Maybe work on converting your friend? I always think it's really cool in the saint stories when this random person becomes this awesome figure for Catholicism because of some prayers the saint said. Then, he won't be stuck in a rut in his life and bashing other people. If he's an intellectual, then I guess you would have to debate him there. Or slip a conversion medal into his bag or something. I think the green scapulars do that.

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