Hi everyone
I really love the movie Mary of Nazareth, from St. Ignatius Press. It is on sale right now. https://www.ignatius.com/Mary-of-Nazareth-P1748.aspx
This is a beautiful and clear way to get to know Our Holy Mother. She was very feminine, yet very active. She requested that she not be spoken of much in the Gospels because she wanted her Son to be presented. She brings us to Jesus Christ. Her Faith carried the Apostles through the crucifixion trauma. The definitive story is The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary de Agreda, however, these four volumes written in the 1600's, people either love or strongly dislike. I love it. Protestants reverted back to pagan Rome in their view of women. It was the Catholic Church that gave women dignity and careers as Abbesses and to have a reciprocal relationship with their husbands. They were protected from divorce by Jesus Christ and His Church. Please do purchase the Douay-Rheims Bible, because the translation is quite different in many many Bible passages from the Protestant Bible and even from the New American Bible, which is Protestantized. I do not see how any Protestant can ever find the True Faith through the Protestant Bible. It really is quite shocking.

To counter the inundation by the 2.7% population in America that is homosexual (talk about the tail wagging the dog!), also from Ignatius Press, is the movie Joseph of Nazareth, also on sale, here https://www.ignatius.com/Joseph-of-Nazareth-P1378.aspx. This is a truly strong and masculine, not a "tough guy", righteous man. I also like Under the Roman Sky, about Pope Pius XII. His amazing perseverance and wisdom for peace and protection of those fleeing Adolf Hitler is a true inspiration. He presents to us how an older man can quietly do amazing things. \ https://www.ignatius.com/Search.aspx?k=under+roman+sky


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