Please Pray, So Desolate
And God has healed people if their emotional pain especially with the rosary. St. Therese had an emotional wound from her mother dying that was crippling in a lot of ways but she was healed by the Virgin mary.
This kind of pain is so severe, and it's awful! 

Almost everyone has gone through it at some point, maybe it's even a "normal" part of growing up. 

Not that it doesn't also happen to older people.

In my experience, you're just in that swamp until one day (a day way too far away to bear) you're not in it anymore. Then you might start to gain some insight, and eventually you might even (believe it or not ) be glad that it ended!

I'm really sorry you're going through it, but you seem like such a strong lady -- I believe you'll come out better for it.

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