Restaurant Etiquette for Traditional Catholics
Eeeeh. I don’t think it’s as subjective as people like to think it is. HOWEVER please don’t think my saying that means I think the OP here has got it all down pat or that Victorian era etiquette is some perfect measuring stick to which all others must be compared. But I do think that cultures can have a poor understanding of and bad rules to follow as it relates to etiquette, which would then imply there is a proper form, in the philosophical sense, to be discovered.

The lady from Michigan clearly failed in her ability to be charitable. Very uncouth of her. One would could even say that she had poor etiquette in the way she went about correcting the wrong.
(07-17-2018, 03:45 PM)Some Guy Wrote: This has been an interesting thread to read. I actually would really like to attend an etiquette class. I think I sympathize with and understand both sides of this discussion. Probably makes me evil for not being egalitarian enough.

Peace.....there are books about etiquette - and for children too I believe!  God bless, angeltime :heart:
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