Follow your Bishop - Or Not? Follow your Priest - Or Not?
Tony, welcome to FishEaters and a belated welcome home to the Church.

The story you share is all too common. I was once a sponsor for a fellow in RCIA. One person who went through that particular program, was received into the Church and received the First Sacraments, then later moved to a Diocese where the Catholic Faith was actually taught. She left the Church, saying, 'If I had known what the Catholic Faith really was, I'd never have become a Catholic'.

Your advice is excellent, except for one point. You say. 'do go to confession as often as is required'. Whilst that should mean whenever one is in mortal sin, unfortunately many people might look at a catechism and think it means once a year. I usually just suggest going frequently.
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Two thumbs up Tony - that takes strength.

It's hard - I know personally!
(07-18-2018, 09:46 PM)Markie Boy Wrote: Two thumbs up Tony - that takes strength.

It's hard - I know personally!

I think that may be the point.  I mean why God is allowing this.

The parable of the enemy breaking in and planting the weeds among the wheat is taking place, big time!

But the owner of the field, God, said he would leave them until harvest time.

Why?  To make us stronger.

More specifically, to make us saints!

We can't abandon the Church during its crucifixion the way so many abandoned Christ during His.

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