I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
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(06-04-2019, 12:38 PM)cassini Wrote: cassini
(06-04-2019, 12:38 PM)cassini Wrote: As for his Protestantism, well the history of 'faith and science' shows us that were it not for Protestants few would know the truth. Catholicism championed all the false sciences as they emerged even though it was their duty to protect the flock from false philosophy.

A Catholic could never say such blasphemous words against the Bride of Christ.

Your obsession with your own personal interpretation of Scripture has finally led you to say that the Catholic Church defected, and Protestants have the Truth. That is the ultimate conclusion when you will not listen to the Magisterium.

Be assured that I'll be offering some penances for you that return to the Church and abandon these heretical and blasphemous notions.

Ah, another ad hominem ploy, now I am a blasphemer for pointing out the history of popes abandoning the traditional understanding of Genesis and its six day creation as revealed by Moses.
No doubt the same accusation can be said of Our Lady who in 1634, (one year after Pope Urban VIII confirmed the infallibility of the 1616 decree that declared a heliocentric reading of Scripture is formal heresy), forecast that in the 19th century, heresies would flourish.’ Then Our Lady appeared at La Salette in 1846 - 11 years after Pope Pius VII was conned into allowing heliocentrism to be believed and thus the true reading of Scripture – prophesising ‘Rome would become the seat of the anti-Christ.’ Wow, what do you say about such blasphemies Magister?
Your obsession with your own personal interpretation of Scripture,’ you say. Are you denying the history of the Church of 1616 and 1633 Magister?

(1) “That the sun is in the centre of the world and altogether immovable by local movement,” was unanimously declared to be “foolish, philosophically absurd, and formally heretical [denial of a revelation by God] inasmuch as it expressly contradicts the declarations of Holy Scripture in many passages, according to the proper meaning of the language used, and the sense in which they have been expounded and understood by [all] the Fathers and theologians.”

(2) “That the Earth is not the centre of the world, and moves as a whole, and also with a diurnal movement,” was unanimously declared “to deserve the same censure philosophically, and, theologically considered to be at least erroneous in faith.”

Are you telling readers of Fisheaters that the above findings are fiction or as Vatican II inferred that it was the ignorance of the times? Are you saying what all the Fathers believed as the true revelation of Scripture was wrong? That is what you are implying when accusing me of my adhering to their interpretation when it comes to a geocentric reading.
The defection of churchmen, even popes, is not a defection of the Bride of Christ. The Church is protected by the Holy Ghost who will not allow error contradict its teaching OFFICIALLY. Yes, popes can do and say what they like, but they only apply to the Church when a pope uses his official magisterium when deciding on matters of faith and morals. I can assure you no pope in the history of Catholicism has ever challenged the infallibility of the 1616 decree. As regards long-ages and evolution, well here again no pope ever used his office to impose any such beliefs on the flock, merely went along with ‘science’ to avoid another Galileo case.
That is the ultimate conclusion when you will not listen to the Magisterium.’
The magisterium was ONLY used by Pope Paul V in 1616. It is you who have made it your task to deny its decrees, not me. As for your prayers for my return to abandoning the magisterium, well please do not insult God by praying for someone to reject his revelation.

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