I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
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Great post. I have tried to convince myself of Catholicism [I would love if it were true Wrote:but things like what the CCC says on evolution just make me think it cannot be the biblical position and thus Catholicism cannot be infallible if it cant pass such an easy test. pid='1398421' dateline='1559666315']

As I said above Tolkien, no official rejection of infallibility is involved in the faith and science aspect of Catholicism so the Bride of Christ remains SPOTLESS. Some day, when the traditional faith is restored by heaven, the supernatural creation of all as depicted in Genesis will once again be restored.

Unfortunately anyone looking for traditional Catholicism will not find it anywhere today. That is the fault of men who since 1835 LOST THEIR FAITH in Scriptural exegesis and hermeneutics.

There are some like the SSPX who have held on to the faith of Trent but alas like all the others human PRIDE has now set in. A Fr Robinson has written a book defending Big bang Catholicism and he is supported by the SSPX itself. In other words they, like Pope Pius XII, are taking natural Big Bang evolution as the truth and are about the task of trying to make atheistic science Catholic. Recently Pope Francis said God was not like a magician who could wave a wand and create the universe finished. That is where faith and science is in Rome now.

So Tolkien do not reject or doubt the Catholic faith because of the intellectual pride of those who think they know better than Moses. When 'scientific' origins replaced divine origins, the great apostasy began. You will no longer find the real traditional Catholic institution on Earth today. They have scattered these sheep and they remain only in small lots.

Why than does not the church take a strong stand for truth [creation] and combat the number one cause of Christians [regardless of denomination] leaving the church?


But that is kind of the point. Catholicism claims to be the church instituted by Christ, how can they teach the in the CCC evolution? that is not the church of the fathers.

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