I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
Evolution is so absurd that no prelate could ever possibly convince me of it. However, since the Faith is not intended to be a science paper in Nature magazine, it doesn't spell out exactly what happened. So my sense is that as millions of people became convinced of evolution, the Church just left some wiggle room so as not to seem overly blinkered. Probably more of that unwise reaching-out-to-the-world stuff. But for any with eyes to see, science has completely failed to prove the notion that we evoluted. It seems quite safe, to me, to believe we did not evolute.

Quote:Evolution ... is a false philosophy which was invented in the West as a reaction against Roman Catholic-Protestant theology, and which disguised itself as "science" in order to make itself respectable and deceive people who are willing to accept scientific fact. (In the West almost all modern errors do this same thing; even "Christian Science" claims to be "scientific," so also Spiritism, various Hindu cults, etc.)  

-- From Genesis, Creation, and Early Man: The Orthodox Christian Vision, posthumous book by Fr Seraphim Rose, sainthermanpress.com, p. 422.
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