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(06-07-2019, 01:20 PM)cassini Wrote: Are you  guys denying HISTORY?

In 1616 an irreformable decree defined heliocentrism was formal heresy--FACT OF HISTORY.

"In 1616 an irreformable decree defined heliocentrism was formal heresy"--FACT OF HISTORY BASELESS CLAIM OF CASSINI.

There. Fixed it for you.

Cassini, you've be asked at least a dozen times, from my quick count of the past posts, to provide specific evidence to establish that 1616 Decree of the Congregation of the Index you claim over and over again is infallible, is indeed so. All you must show is that it is approved in forma specifica by the Pope. All I have asked is this one piece of evidence.

The reason for this is that it would establish that this is at least a Papal decree. From this point we could discuss what it specifically says (it does not ever mention "heresy" nor does it label heliocentrism as "formal heresy") but we're not even out of the starting gates yet. We need to know the Pope specifically made it his own for it to possibly qualify for infallibility.

Despite your dozen plus chances, you have never provided that. If it is such an historical fact, this should be easy to provide, yet you just keep assuming the very fact that needs proof as a fact, without any evidence.

You did cite other documentation from the 1630s, and a theological reports from some assessors assembled by the Holy Office just before the 1616 decree, but none of that has any bearing on the one piece of evidence you need to establish your claim. You keep changing the subject and never address that glaring problem, because it makes your whole case fall apart.

You did claim the Pope was the head of the Holy Office, so specifically approves all of its decrees (even though that is false), but to claim the 1616 decree was Papal said that the Congregation for the Index was a section of the Holy Office. In 1616 it was not, and I demonstrated your erroneous assumption.

Give a dozen chances to provide the evidence and only red herrings in reply, I think anyone with two eyes and a brain between them can see that your case consists of bare assertions without any basis in historical fact. It's laughable that you now accuse me and others of ignoring historical facts, when you get to assume them into existence.

All of this show me that you have decided that Geocentrism is your religion, and against your Ptolemaic creed you will hear no objections. If you need to re-interpret Scripture to do this, you will. If you need to claim that the Church erred and Protestants preserved the Truth, so be it. If you are pushed for evidence of what you assert from your article of Ptolemaic faith, you just cry "heresy".
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