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And again, you ignore a simple request and put up a wall of text pasted out of a Word file on your computer, which has nothing to do with what you were asked to show.

I don't care what Fr Roberts thinks. That's not what I've asked you for. I've asked clearly for proof that the 1616 Decree was approved in forma specifica by the Pope. You again try to distract and answer a different question.

I take that as proof you cannot establish your claim, since in more than a dozen request to show one simple thing, you cannot do that and resort to distractions and tangents in reply.

I must end this now for it is perfectly obvious one is wasting one's time answering opinions like the above.

You want 'PROOF' that the 1616 decree of Pope Paul V was a definition of faith that was accepted as such.

I am SICK giving you 'PROOF' but you are blind to them. Pope Urban VIII in Galileo's trial in 1633 provided ALL THE PROOF NEEDED to show the 1616 decree was ABSOLUTE. Galileo was found guilty of suspicion of that HERESY. Are you suggesting the Church had no authority to charge Galileo with the fixed-sun heresy?

In 1820 head man in the Holy Office admitted the 1616 decree was irreformable. There are TWO 'PROOFS.'

You talk of 'PROOFS' like the Church has to provide proofs that its teachings are valid. Here in 1633, and throughout christendom up to 1835, Catholics adhered to the 1616 decree by orders from Rome.
‘In the summer of 1633, all papal nuncios in Europe and all local inquisitors in Italy received from the Roman Inquisition copies of the sentence against Galileo and his abjuration, together with orders to publicize them. Such publicity [plus posters and flyers] was unprecedented in the annals of the Inquisition and never repeated.’[1]
“To your vicars, that you and all professors of philosophy and mathematics may have knowledge of it, that they may know why we proceeded against the said Galileo, and recognise the gravity of the error in order that they may avoid it, and thus not incur the penalties which they would have to suffer in case they fell into the same [heresy].”’[2]
In many cases professors of philosophy, mathematics, physics, and astronomy were assembled like their students at roll call and the trial documents read to them. Theologians and scholars were then urged to use their learning to show Galileoism to be a serious heresy. Throughout Europe there were theologians who were relieved with the ban. For example, Andrew White records that the Rector of the University of Douay, referring to the opinion of Galileo, wrote to the papal nuncio at Brussels; ‘The professors of our university are so opposed to this fanatical opinion that they have always held that it must be banished from the schools. In our English college at Douay this paradox has never been approved and never will be.’[3]

[1] M. A. Finocchiaro’s Retrying Galileo, p.26.
[2] Fr Roberts ends with quote from Gebler’s Galileo Galilei, London, 1879.
[3] A. White: A History… p.144.

Now we have the Magisters and jovans of our time questioning the validity of the Church's condemnation, asserting they implimented a teaching that wasn't worth the paper it was written on.

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