I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution

     Pope Alexander VII in 1664, in his bull " Speculatores," solemnly sanctioned the condemnation of all books affirming the earth's movement. 

     In 1664 the Index, signed by Alexander VII, stated: "We, having taken the advice of our Cardinals, confirm and approve with Apostolic authority by the tenor of these presents, and command and enjoin all persons everywhere to yield to this Index a constant and complete obedience." This Index included earlier condemnations and all the "relevant decrees, that have been issued since the Index of our predecessor, Clement." Papal Infallibility, therefore, is exerted in this Papal Bull of Alexander VII which reaffirms the condemnation of the Galileo heresy in the Index itself.

    It is obvious (and has been stated before) this situation has two points for its authority:

 1. The decrees of the Index and the Inquisition which were based on the truth of the Church's tradition, especially as in this case it rested upon the unanimity of the Fathers and the constant position of the Church; and 2. The Infallibility of the Pope, speaking in his own official capacity as Head of the Church and therefore Ex Cathedra, not defining any new dogma but simply affirming tradition.

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