I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
(06-11-2019, 09:29 AM)Alphonse il Segundo Wrote:
Quote:When Newton and freemasonry conned the world into believing geocentrism was falsified or heliocentrism was proven, this proved a dilemma within Catholicism. 'IF THIS WAS TRUEIf this was true, then a pope defined an interpretation of Scripture that was FALSE and made the Catholic world comply with this 'false' interpretation of Scripture. This made Catholicism no better than Protestantism where false readings of Scripture were put forward as TRUE.

You are ridiculous.

You realize that calling Catholics heretical and no better than Protestants really isn't going to win you many friends here, right?

Again and again you guys show me you haven't a clue what the facts of the Galileo case are, how to read posts or how to answer them. Now it Alphonse who joins the attack.    What I said was and I quote above:

'IF THIS WAS TRUE' then Catholic Scriptural exegesis was no different than Protestant.

IF WHAT WERE TRUE? if it was true that geocentrism was proven false. If it was true that Pope Paul V defined that heliocentrism was formal heresy and it was found wrong then papal definitions and Church interpretations have no divine protection just like Protestant exegesis.

Now that the dogs in the stret know geocentrism was never proven false, so Catholic exegesis IS NOT Protestant. As for heretics, well it was Pope Paul V who said any who embrace heliocentrism are heretics. So any who embraced heliocentrism after 1616 are according to the catholic Church heretics, be the Catholics or Protestants.

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