I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
(06-11-2019, 06:58 AM)cassini Wrote: Magister states:

Speculatores does not mention Copernicanism anywhere in its text

Cassini answered: 

[Wall of text that does not address the original statement, and just parrots someone else's text.]

Same pattern again. Failure to actually address what you've been asked to but plenty of distractions to try to make yourself look scholarly (none of which is your own thinking, but is just taken from someone else).

If you went to the DMV and they said : To give you a driver's license I need to see your birth certificate or an official copy, and you provide a letter from your cousin saying where you were born, and when that was unacceptable, you had your wife call and say that indeed, she knew you were born, and then when they didn't accept that, you put up a long quote from Aristotle which establishes the veracity of the senses and that the fact you are here and alive means clearly you were born ... and finally in frustration the overweight lady behind the counter yelled back at you and your response was "why are you denying that I'm born, miss?" And angrily she yells back "I need your brith certificate," so you provide a letter from your cousin ...

All I want is primary source proof that the 1616 Decree you claimed was infallible even qualifies as a Papal decree by showing it was approved in forma specifica. One small request, that now approaching 15 requests, you've never been able to provide. But lots of quotes from this mysterious Fr Roberts, you've provided.

To paraphrase Jeeter "round and round we go".
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