I Dont Have Enough Faith to be an Evolutionist - Skepticism of Evolution
(06-11-2019, 03:34 PM)cassini Wrote: Now let me demonstrate how the mind can be bent. You say 'what we are able to see with our own eyes.'
Now what do we see with our own eyes? We see the Sun, moon and stars circle the Earth every day. Yes, the eyes see a geocentric motion of the universe. But the MIND won't let you see what you actually see as you have demonstrated. Your mind twists what you can see into believing it shows a spinning Earth. Telescopes have nothing to add except showing stars we cannot see with the eyes also circling the Earth every 24 hours.

As for  'overwhelming astronomical and meteorological evidence to the contrary' who told you that. Why do you think a man called Albert Einstein was made the greatest brain ever in a man? Ever hear of the 1887 M&M experiment that provided evidence the Earth does not orbit the sun? It was to save heliocentrism that they allowed Einstein to propose his Special Theory of relativity. This theory stated you cannot prove or falsify either geocentrism or heliocentrism. And that theory itself has been falsified so many times it has become a joke. But they hang on to it as it gives heliocentrism a possibility. Recently Sungenis has recently shown the discoveries that provide evidence ther Earth is at the centre of the universe. Nobody can prove this science wrong.

I've heard that about Einstein and the non-disprovability of either geo- or heliocentrism.  That's an interesting idea, but even in the modified geocentric model (which you'd have to accept if you trust what we can observe of the motion of the planets now), all the other planets, at best, rotate around both the Sun and the earth, with the Sun as the center around which they ultimately orbit.  Further, we can observe, if not planets, some kind of objects orbiting around other stars in the galaxy.  We can also observe galaxies which, at least appear, that the outward material orbits around the center of the galaxy.  All of these things are orbiting around something other than the earth.  It defies logic to believe that everything is orbiting the earth.

It's very easy to imitate with smaller objects how the sun can appear to revolve around the earth without actually doing so.

Meteorologically, the winds blow as they do because the earth is rotating.  If the earth were still, the winds should rush directly from high pressure areas into low pressure areas.  But they don't.  They initially do that, but then they essentially get trapped in areas of equivalent pressure between the high and low, and rush faster or slower between them depending on how much distance there is between the high and the low.  They essentially orbit the high.  The only way we know of to explain this is the earth rotating on its axis.  If the earth were motionless, this phenomena would be unexplainable.

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