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(06-11-2019, 03:34 PM)cassini Wrote: Recently Sungenis has recently shown the discoveries that provide evidence ther Earth is at the centre of the universe. Nobody can prove this science wrong.

Actually Sungenis is usually, in physics, his own worst enemy, by proving his own argument wrong in his failure at basic high school physics or basic math : https://www.geocentrismdebunked.org/sung...l-physics/

Some highlights from Dr MacAndrew's article (of which there are several others of note that make face-palming an inadequate response):

Quote:Mr Sungenis calculates the force that would be required to keep the Sun in a daily orbit around the Earth and finds that it is a million, million times more than the gravitational attraction between the Sun and the Earth (his calculation is badly wrong as we’ll see below). In order to explain why the Sun doesn’t fly off into interstellar space, he invokes an invented entity, the “Planck medium”, which he claims “absorbs” the Sun’s centrifugal force by some vague and unquantified mechanism. You can explain anything at all, to your own satisfaction, if you make it up as you go along. Let’s look at this train wreck in more detail.

Sungenis writes:

In Newtonian dynamics, since the Sun is revolving around the universe’s center of mass (where Earth is positioned in the geocentric system), the Sun will have a centrifugal force acting upon it that keeps it away from the Earth.

The centrifugal force is calculated by the mass of the Sun multiplied by linear speed multiplied by the radius from the center, or Centrifugal Force = mlr or Mw^2r (where w measures angular speed).

The mass of the Sun is 1.98 x 10^30 kilograms. The linear speed is 30 kilometers/sec. The radius (which includes both the equatorial radius of the Sun and the Earth) is 1.5 x 10^8 kilometers.

Hence, the centrifugal force on the Sun is 1.18 x 10^34 Newtons.

Sungenis blunders right from the outset. The bolded part of his statement above is completely wrong. The centrifugal force in the rotating frame is Fc=mv2/r, where m is the mass, v the tangential speed (or linear speed as Sungenis would have it), and r is the radius of the orbit. The expression mvr, or mlr as he states it, doesn’t even give the right dimensions for force so it is obviously wrong. Sungenis mangles not just freshman college physics but high school physics – pure ignorance.

I assume Sungenis tried to calculate the force using the alternative expression Fc=mω2r, as he gets the numeric part correct within rounding errors. But the exponent is wrong by a factor of a million. Yes, that’s right – unbelievably, Sungenis, in a dismal display of incompetence, gets this trivial sum wrong by a factor of a million.

...How does Sungenis explain the Sun’s annual revolution around the Earth, which requires a centripetal force not twice, not ten times, not 100 times, but 332,000 times greater than gravity provides? The geocentrists have invented an entity, which they call the “Planck medium”, and Sungenis claims that it “absorbs” the centrifugal force. Needless to say, he doesn’t describe the physical properties of this medium which allow it to “absorb” the centrifugal forces. Does it do so gravitationally, by viscous drag, by electrostatics or magnetics? Who can say? How can it “absorb” these stupendous dynamic forces, and yet be completely undetectable? Only Bob knows.

...There are two ironies which illustrate Sungenis’s contempt for consistency and coherence. First of all, he rather hypocritically invokes Planck particles – which are black holes by definition – even though he regularly derides the existence of black holes, insisting that they’re completely unevidenced.

Secondly, he often criticises cosmologists’ hypotheses of dark matter and dark energy, claiming that they are poorly evidenced ad hoc solutions to the problem of missing mass in galaxies and the accelerating expansion of the Universe. But here he is, proposing a solution to the dynamical problem of a revolving Sun, where he has to explain the problem that the gravitational force is a whopping 332,000 times too small to maintain the Sun in a an annual geocentric orbit, by invoking an entirely arbitrary, undetectable, unquantifiable and, frankly, magical idea.
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